Friday, October 5, 2007

YPF! The Twisted Edition

I don't think I ever finished telling you all about my weekend in Portland. Yes, there were cupcakes. And Socks that Rock. And the Flock and Fiber Festival. But before all that, there was Twisted. I flew in to Portland on Friday, but Christy (she has the cutest halloween bags for sale right now!) and her family wouldn't be home from Disneyland until late Friday night (which worked out because then I could do a mini local yarn store crawl). After hearing about Twisted all the time on Stacey's blog, I couldn't wait to go. It was fabulous!! I even stayed for movie night! My new favorite Portland yarn store! I'll definately stop by there every visit!

Now, on to the damage...I mean sock yarn....

Twisted Yarns
Yarntini, sportweight is peeking out on the bottom, in the color....Twistini

Zen String Twisted
Zen String, Sport in the Twisted colorway

Painted Skeins
Painted Skeins, color Zutano

All of those colors were so hard to resist! The sock yarn selection at Twisted is absolutely phenomenal!

And a Happy Friday picture! Little Guy woke up before I left Wednesday night and his mom had him model his cable sweater and hat! He just makes me smile to bits!!! I know I am a biased auntie!! But thanks for all the compliments!! Oh, and the guy in the Notre Dame picture is Little Guy's dad (aka The Brother or as my family calls him The Prince)...and when he gets back from Ireland I'll be sure to point out Jessica's and Disco's comments (it'll go straight to his head, of course!).

The Outfit

Have a good weekend!! Go Irish!!! (a girl can hope, can't she??)

xoxo Irishgirlieknits


Zonda said...

He is just the cutest little guy! Great model too!

Lovely yarns, wow, love that Twistini thing you don't live too close to me!! ;)

Disco said...

Little guy is such a happy chappy. Who wouldn't be in that sweater, with cute doggy too. :-)

And twisted looks like my perfect yarn store. I despair of FL. Love the green/yellow colour you chose. Very nice.

turtlegirl76 said...

Mmmm. That yarn is gorgeous. I need me some Twistini.

Lil guy is such a ham! No bias needed he is the cutest!

Stilaholic Nartian knits said...

Wow! that Twistini is so drool-worthy.

And Little Guy is just way too adorable! He'll be knocking them dead over in Ireland with that rockin' sweater too.

cpurl17 said...

That little guy is soooooo cute! Can't to see what adorable outfit you knit for him next!!

And the yarn is so pretty!

Christy said...

Little guy is so cute!!! You have done a beautiful job on the hat and sweater! Thanks for the props! Miss ya already!!! Love that sock yarn, don't think I got to personally experience it. Have a beautiful day! GO Irish!!!

Twisted Stitches said...

Gorgeous yarn! Go Irish!!

Rebel said...

How did I not know there were knitters visiting portland??? I hope you had fun here, the yarn is gorgeous.

kemtee said...

Baby grins and giggles are the bestest.

Jessica said...

He is so stinkin' cute! The sweater looks awesome on him. Such a happy baby.

Nice sock yarn. They do have a pretty crazy sock yarn selection there. I bought some the one time I've been there. I have too much sock yarn for a non-sock knitter! :P

tiennie said...

Cute little guy! Great knits!

Rani said...

OOOoooh! He's adorable. And the knits are great, too! Very perfect for October. What a dude.

tapmouse said...

Love all the eye candy! Especially the Zen Strings Twisted yarn! And, as always, Little Guy is looking pretty stinkin' cute!