Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Year, New Designs

Happy New Year!

I'm still marinating on my new year's goals/ideas/resolutions, but I do know I want to continue expanding my designing.  And so far the year has been going great in that department!

Thank you all for your enthusiasm for the Mystery Sock pattern!  366 projects already!!  And lots of lively discussion on the SKA mystery sock thread here and in our growing Irish Girlie Knits' Group on Ravelry (hey, have you joined?!).


I also have a new design that was just released by Kollage Yarns, Alpine Lake.


I absolutely love this design.  It is an oversized cowl in their new yarn Lofty.  The yarn is a dream to knit with and you only need two skeins to knit up either the oversized cowl version or the infinity version.  The pattern is available for download over on Patternfish.  Plus the pattern is reversible, so it doesn't matter if you fold the cowl over a bit :)


But really, you'll love this because it knits up in no time!  On size 10 needles!

Alpine Lake

Fortunately I have two skeins left over to knit one for me :)

One other exciting designing news... I updated my retailers list on and I'm so excited that my IGK patterns are available in over 50 local yarn stores!!  

So what is on your needles in the new year?  I did finish Dad's socks, but I need to take pictures of them.  They may just be a sock version of Alpine'll have to wait and see!

Happy Knitting!
xoxo Irishgirlieknits


Daphne said...

oooooo, Alpine Lake would make a great sock, especially for guys!

dianne said...

Wow! Absolutely LOVE Alpine Lake! Quite an impressive list of retailers for your patterns too!

SissySees said...

I'm loving the SKA mystery. Now, if only my husband would quit demanding a dog sweater for his basset (I'm serious), I could finish clue #1 before #2 comes out.

That cowl is FAB.

SpinningLara said...

It's beautiful! Im going to have to check this yarn out too. It looks so soft.

Gebreidesjaals: Knitted Scarfs or Scarves said...

nice to meet this blog!


Nartian Knits said...

I'm in on your SKA mystery KAL! Otherwise, I have 1 knitting UFO from last year & my jury duty afghan on my hook.

gMarie said...

Dang! I need to have time to knit something that isn't socks for you. g

Rani said...

You're an official designing QUEEN! Happy New Year!