Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Most Wonderful Time

I love this time of year! Such a wonderful time for making memories. And we've been busy doing that around here.

Last weekend was the Notre Dame-Stanford game at Stanford which is just down the road from us. Although the Irish lost, our tradition of making this a family and friends event continued... it was a great day.....great tailgate, lots of friends, and a close exciting game.





Go Irish!


Ha! I believe Lil' Guy ended the game this way the last time too.


Lil Snowboarder had a great time at her first Notre Dame game, but now that she's a tween, she's kinda/sorta boycotting the blog :) You know, the "everyone knows me" kinda thing. Thank goodness the magpie doesn't care about things like that yet!


She's a bit too little to be out in that cold for the game, but in two years...just wait!!

Ok. My favorite memory of the day was when I was taking the kids to the pop-up Notre Dame bookstore. We had to walk quite a ways and I taught them something most Irish fans do. I told them when they saw at least 2 people wearing ND stuff, instead of saying hi, they had to say, "Go Irish!" Then they would say Go Irish back. Well, the kids were amazed that it worked! It is pretty much how we Irish greet each other :) They kids loved doing that all day!

Next up, it is officially December and we are enjoying opening our Advent Calendars each morning. Someone has a lego one (that has magical powers that seems to get a kid out of bed in the morning miraculously without complaining?!?! I'm looking for some sort of January calendar too!), and I have my Davids Tea one :)  (hey family, hint hint...anything from Davids Tea for Christmas works for me!)

And I know it was far from perfect, but introducing a 10-year-old to the Sound of Music for the first time is filled with awesome! Did any of you guys watch? All I know is that she was mesmorized!

I also started my treatments. 7 down, 13 more to go. I'm probably going to have some hair loss soon, and believe it or not, I hat wearing hats. It pretty much has to be snowing in order for me to wear one. But, alas, I'm supposed to start wearing one anytime I'm outside. Of course, if you are a girl who doesn't like hats, you also don't really have very many. But I am a knitter. I can knit a few slouchy hats I think that I can "try" to pull off.


First up, Gobi Cap, from Knitspot's Bare Naked Club. I joined last year for the pattern version and I'll be honest, I really really wanted to sign up for the whole shebang! The yarns throughout were gorgeous. Plus, from a designer's point of view, it was so helpful to learn about different fibers and how they impact the design. Well, plus it was Anne Hanson, so I loved hearing what she had to say. I think the pattern book by the end was 244 pages?!?!?  Knitting the hat, I can't help but think Erica, Knitspot's Major Domo, is there with me xoxo

Oh, family, another gift hint. Bare Naked Knitspot 2014 sign-ups are underway!

At knit nite this week, we also brainstormed a few cute headband-esque things I can try to wear at work, etc.,. when the time comes. Thinking along the lines of Dream Swatch or Calorimetry. What do you guys think? I'm also open to suggestions!


Tonight we went to see A Christmas Carol The Musical and it was absolutely amazing! Such a wonderful way to start the holiday spirit. One of my favorite parts was everyone singing carols at the end. But really, the entire message of the Christmas Carol is one I want to carry with me everyday during this holiday season and beyond. There is so much to be grateful for and we are all so blessed. Bay Area friends, if you haven't seen it, they have six more performances next week. It is wonderful for the entire family and I think we just started a new tradition tonight.


Tomorrow the holiday cookie baking begins. Wish me luck :)

How are you guys starting to celebrate the holidays? I'd love to hear! Oh, and I haven't forgotten about my blogiversary....I'll be back this week to do something fabulous to celebrate!

Happy Knitting!
xoxo Irishgirlieknits


Renee Anne said...

I learned the hard way that Malabrigo Chunky grows and grows when it's washed. I made a beanie for me and now it's bordering on slouchy and it's HUGE. ::sigh:: I was just trying to figure out yardage requirements!

With all that said, it's been butt cold here and I almost wished for full mittens yesterday. We were at a park in Freemont (visiting friends) and it was windy and cold and I wanted my mittens. I'm such a wuss.

Anonymous said...

I made the Felicity hat for some friends who lost their hair. They loved them. I did go up a needle size to 6 & 8. A friend in my knitting group suggested the pattern. They had made too for the same reason!
Glad to hear your feeling well too.

Theresa in MI

Sarah Ronchetti said...

I'm thinking of you as you have your treatments xxx I suggest some nice sport or fingering hats, I much prefer to wear lighter ones, you might too?

Shelley said...

I made Jen's New Sweetie Pie hat for a friend of my mom's, who is going through treatment - she wanted something "light" to wear indoors (lives in Oregon). She really loved it. Of course, I made it with Anzula's For Better or Worsted, so it was incredibly soft, too. :)

Alicia said...

My mom requested some hats for after her treatment and she is decidedly anti-hat as well. I compiled a list of classy hats on my blog that I thought would be flattering on her:

The first one I actually made for her, though, is this one:

Alicia said...

Oooh, I'm also planning a lightweight Loch hat for indoors: