Tuesday, July 1, 2014

June favorites

A few favorites last month that I wanted to share before we jump right into July!

{favorite new recipes}


Smitten Kitchen's Salted Brown Butter Crispy Treats  OMG. So good. These were all the rage around blogland a few years ago when she posted this recipe but I never tried them. They are seriously delicious!


Back in May I made these deviled eggs for mother's day. So so good. They use greek yogurt and lots of fresh herbs and they are delicious. A nice contrast with the cheesy biscuity delicious things on that bottom plate that my sister made.

{favorite new treats}




All of the treats from Miette, a lovely little bakery in San Francisco. I fell in love with the Gingersnaps and Graham Cracker Cookies, and of course, the macarons.



Blue Bottle Coffee, another favorite at the Ferry Building.

{favorite new knits}

photo courtesy of Knitspot

Wheaten Cap and Mitts by Anne Hanson. After knitting Polartorte, I think I'm ready for another Knitspot pattern and this one is calling my name! Perfect for gift knitting too.

photo courtesy of Knitterella

Wavelenght Hat and Mitts, by Jill Zielinski, another on my must knit soon list.

{favorite pins/decorating ideas}


I'll be honest. This isn't a pin. I haven't been on pinterest in awhile, but I'll pin this next time I get there. It's my photo from one of the restaurants in the city that has a great NOLA feel :)  I love how they decorated with the coffee tins.

{favorite music}

Disco turned me on to Ed Sheeran two summers ago and I'm so glad she did. She also said I had to go see him in concert, and again, so glad I did. This concert on youtube is just filled with win. So good!

His new album, x , has been playing nonstop here lately.

{favorite movies}

Go see Fault in Your Stars right now. And bring a lot of kleenex. It was wonderful, and the book was amazing.

Okay, I could go on with the favorites but you know, it is July!  So let's get this posted :)

I am hoping to do a post on Summer Reads though, so if you have any recommendations, I'll be sure to make a list of those on that post.

And of course, let me know of any of your favorites this month! Especially favorite knits!

Happy Knitting!
xoxo Irishgirlieknits

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