Friday, October 10, 2014

I Love Yarn Day

Who knew there was such a thing?! How perfect because since I'm visiting Erica and her family this weekend I was able to peek at her mom's Bare Naked Wools stash! I'm already a huge fan of Knitspot's yarn line, having knit with a  few of the yarns already.


I designed my Contorta socks out of Breakfast Blend fingering.


I knit a Polartorte hat out of Stone Soup DK. I think Stone Soup is probably my favorite yarn so far.


Here's Stone Soup fingering. I can't wait to try the fingering version of this yarn.


Erica's mom is knitting a Summer Wind out Stone Soup fingering and I just love how it is knitting up. It feels so lovely.


And here's Kent Worsted. This yarn looks amazing! Another I can't wait to try!

So what yarns do you love?!? Any new ones I should add to my must-try list?

Happy Knitting!
xoxo Irishgirlieknits

p.s. Since it is I Love Yarn Day, and so many love the Loopy Ewe for our yarns, check out a fun Designer Interview they did on me today (and it features a coupon code on my patterns). Happy Yarn Day!


Renee Anne said...

Right now, I'm lucky if I can knit at all...stupid Mommy's Thumb...stupid wrist/thumb brace...

But, I found a few at Lambtown that I want to try sooner than later (but that probably won't happen). ::sigh::

dianne said...

Right now I am a huge sucker for anything by Indigodraonfly! Swoon! I just finished swatching for a new fall/winter sweater with SuperBaa Worsted. I'll be casting on soon :-)