Saturday, March 21, 2015

Happy Spring!

With apologies to the parts of the world still covered in snow, I'm happy to call it Spring in hopes that we will get much needed Spring Showers in California. 


The ladies at knit night know I'm likely to bring a tiny project more often than a big one. I like to knit tiny things (pumpkins are a favorite) while I'm waiting to decide on a new project or even when I'm working on a larger project that I need a break from. 

Tiny thing = instant gratification.

Recently I discovered the "Henry's Bunny" pattern by Sara Elizabeth Kellner and decided to make it even smaller by using size 0 needles on some sock yarn scraps. Doesn't it look adorable in the little Easter basket?

I went back to my pinterest boards and found a slew of little Spring and Easter knits. The most recent is this precious lamb! I simply must get some crochet skills down.

Meanwhile, I've caught Spring fever and have decided to knit "Ring of Kerry" in cotton from my stash. I think it will be perfect for our climate, and I'll get a lot of wear out of it in the upcoming months.


Happy Knitting!


Anonymous said...

tricia...those teeny animals are adorable! i do so love your small knits and cherish the ones you have gifted me with.

can't wait to see the ring of the yarn you picked. very tempted to try it.


Anonymous said...

oh what the heck. you talked me into it. just bought the pattern. get ready for my questions.

this is what happens when i have my first cup of coffee...i think i can do anything.


Anonymous said...

Such a precious bunny!

Great idea using cotton for the Ring of Kerry. Looking forward to seeing the progress.


Tricia @CheekyAttitude said...

Ring of Kerry is in the works now that I've got the provisional cast on. I had to look it up on YouTube. I used this one:

Sazzy - I'm so glad you'll be knitting one. Hopefully I can stay just enough ahead to help out if you need it. And you could always go over to the Ravelry Group :-)