Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Good things. The quick version.

There have been so many good things I've wanted to share the past few weeks that the list keeps getting bigger and bigger and then this post becomes daunting and doesn't happen. So I'm going to just jump in and write as many as I can remember, and yes, it will include pictures of the Easter bunny (I know! I'm sorry it has been forever!), but it will also include pictures of yarn! Prepping for Nashville took a lot out of me, but was so worth it, so thanks for bearing with the quiet around here for a bit. It's nice to be back!

Good things.

1. Let's start with that Easter Bunny!


2. And someone turned 8! 8?!?!? You guys remember when he was this little, right?! Just crazy. 

Happy 8th birthday!

3. I finished my Gradient version of the Nashville shawl just in time for Stitches South! I was so glad I was able to show it to Sarah in person.



4. I loved seeing Nashville in the Plucky Knitter booth at Stitches South. The Plucky Knitter is having a Stitches South After Party Instant Gratification Update this Friday if you want to grab some yarn to cast on!


5. Speaking of Plucky, check out the new Plucky Knitter Collection, Spring Forward. Love, love, love!

6. Fresh flowers my honey sent to me at work this week. I haven't mentioned him on here, but guys, he sure is a keeper :)


7. The baby sweater I started on the way home from Nashville is almost done.


8. Sunny days and spending time with Magpie!

garden girl

9. Neuroknitter and Cotty socks are like a match made in heaven. Warms my heart. Love them Gail!

10. If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you've seen that I've been drinking Shakeology and participating in a Challenge Group for fitness and healthy eating following the 21 Day Fix plan! I even took it with me on my trip to Nashville (love my mini travel blender my coach sent me! I just sent it to my friend who signed up for Shakeology too because I love it that much!)



I love it...the Challenge Group is a private group on Facebook and it is like a Knit-along but for health and fitness! It is exactly the accountability and cheerleading that has been missing for me the past few years and with all of my health problems, especially with the chronic headache pain issues resulting from radiation the past year, I wanted to try something different. It has been a month and all I can say is I'm so glad I made this choice!! I've lost 9 pounds (that includes all the biscuits and fried chicken in Nashville....Tricia will post those pictures later this week!) and I've had more energy, I'm feeling better, and I've had less sugar cravings. 

But more important than the 9 pounds, I have had multiple days in a row of not needing my "breakthrough pain" medications for chronic migraine/head pain related to my radiation treatments last year. I messaged my coach 4 days into my second week when I hadn't needed to use the meds for 4 days straight saying I didn't want to jinx it but WOW! I felt amazing. I knew it was the shakeology and probably my change in eating habits because nothing else had changed. For the past three weeks, I've only had 6 days of needing to use my pain meds during the day and that is UNHEARD of for me since October of 2013. Seriously, my sister and I couldn't recall a 2 days in a row of not needing the breakthrough pain meds (my cancer team and pain specialists at Stanford are amazing and I am still on a lot of other meds that are more preventative for the head pain, but the breakthrough pain was that bad). So for that reason alone, the last three weeks were wins for me!

You guys have been on this health journey with me the past few years, and I wanted to share how well I've been feeling! And thank you for those of you cheering me on and sharing your tips on IG and twitter. Here's my before picture on the left and my picture 19-days into my challenge in Nashville!

First 21 Days Challenge

We started another challenge group this week, so if you'd like to join this one (or the next!) or, feel free to email me irishgirlieknits AT gmail DOT com if you're interested.

11. Our challenge group posts pictures of their healthy food (see, totally like a KAL....posting WIPs, etc.!), motivational posts, and "sweaty" pics after their workouts! These women are rockstars. Well, with all my pain issues the past year, just building up my endurance to going to work has been a goal. After the first challenge group and starting to feel better, I decided this week was to tackle fitness. 15 minutes last steps.... just for you guys...because I'm a dork and knew you'd love it! Here's me after my first workout in months!! 

Quick. What good things are going on in your lives? I want to hear!! And to keep the good juju going, leave a comment with your good thing and we'll pick a few free pattern winners from the comments.

Happy Knitting!
xoxo Irishgirlieknits


Kelly-ann said...

You look awesome! I love that flower bouquet - not the standard flowers and so beautiful. You sound so happy in your post today :)

Kelly-ann said...

Oops, forgot to say my good thing! My youngest turned 10 yesterday and I went through her baby photos. It has me feeling sentimental, but also appreciating these regular days I get to spend with my kids. I just love this age (10 and 12).

Renee Anne said...


I'm getting on my weight-loss train, too....I've been needing to do it since before we moved out here and I kept falling off the wagon but I think I may have found something that sticks. When we moved to California, I was pushing 290 lbs. I got down to 279 lbs and then I got pregnant with Stormageddon.....and that weight came right off and I was sitting at 279 lbs again. But now I'm down about 23 lbs and that's fabulous.

So, woo for that.

And I need to do more knitting....and I can't believe how big the kids are! Seriously! WHAT?!

Katie said...

You look great! And that's wonderful news on the pain meds. I made a goal to lose at least 25 pounds before Disney in November and I'm down 13 pounds

pdxknitterati/michele said...

So glad that you're feeling well enough to experience all these wonderful things, including working out! That's good news.

Good thing? I had a quick trip to Seattle to hang out with my piano friends, but could also do some fiber fun, too:

Are you going to TNNA? If yes, I'd love to see you there!

Rachelle said...

Well done on the health improvements. I'm working on changing my diet to a more natural one as well and increasing my walking for a start with the plan of moving onto running after a bit. I actually walked to the dairy for milk today instead of taking the car, that's a change for me!

Anonymous said...

You look wonderful! I'm happy that things are looking up for you.

Jane said...

You look like you feel better. Hurrah! My good thing is warm enough weather to garden. The herbs are in the ground, including basil.

Dee Long said...

I'm glad to hear you are feeling better. Chronic pain is so exhausting to deal with. My good news is my oldest son is graduating from college in June. I am so proud of him because he took every AP class he could, made a plan for his college classes, stuck to it and graduated in 3 years. :0)

Marcy Doane said...

Thanks for the inspiration! So glad you have found something that makes you feel better. Gives me hope.

Debbie McPhillips said...

I had surgery on the day you posted this, so I guess my good thing is having that behind me!!! Still waiting on pathology, but your post reminds me to focus on the positive! You look great!! And so happy!!