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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I heart picots.

There.  I said it.  I absolutely, 100% love picot edges.  Particularly on socks, but put them on a baby something and I think you've tripled the cuteness factor.

I'm sure many of you already know of my fondness for the picot. It started back with the mini-Monkey socks, inspired by Cara. Being friends with Gail, I actually thought everyone loved picots.

And then there was that moment a few months ago where I realized something profound. Not everyone loves the picot edge.

I know, shocking.

Afterall, everyone seemed to love their Cotty socks, picots and all.

But I still remember the moment when I made this discovery.  It was a relaxing weekend at the coast with my bestest knitting friends and I was designing a new sock and I mumbled something about how I really wanted to put a picot on it, but wasn't sure. And then, almost immediately before they realized what they had done, there seemed to be a collective groan. Not one groan, but if I recall, a few.  It may have been the sangria, but then their true confession came out.

"Not a picot!"
"Can't you just do a plain rib?  Not everyone wants to do a picot!" 
"I hate picots."

The groans continued.  I think I was shocked how much they seemed to dislike picots.  Not my beloved picots.  Probably the absolute favorite thing about some of my socks.  My dear friends who had knit those Cotty socks, despite the picots, really, truly did not like picots.

I have to say, I'm glad they told me. Some of you may be very glad they told me.  I know they are very, very glad they told me. Or else Capitola would have had a picot.  And definitely the Honey Badgers would have had a picot.  I mean seriously, go look at these pictures.  Of course, honey badger needed a picot edge!

If your friends can't tell you like it is, who can, right? We still joke about the picots and my crazy love for them.

But they aren't going to knit this next pattern.

My Dearest Picot

And I don't care.  Because the second I cast on this picot, I was in love all over again :)

I'm you have a favorite knitting technique?  One you despise?  Are Gail and I the only ones crazy for picots?

Happy Picots!!
xoxo Irishgirlieknits

P.S. Gail has the best picot cuff tutorial here.  Enjoy!