Sunday, May 20, 2007

For Rowan!

Rowan will be so happy to see this. I started her Harry Potter socks this weekend. I purchased the yarn from Woolgirl (they are expecting more colors their blog says), but it is Vancalcar Acres Flock Sock in the Gryffindor colorway! And I'm reading book five too (yeap, I'm behind. I usually read the book right before the movie comes out. I may try to read six too. We'll see. Rowan, she's read them and listened to them, um...lots of times).

My weekend has been great! Got my pedicure (nope, didn't drop the needles in the water Zonda..thanks for the heads up! Although I use magic loop for my socks...since I learned that, I've stopped using DPNs for anything, although I never have tried socks on DPNs). Got my car washed. Slept. Knit. And there was a Heroes marathon on the Sci-fi channel (I never watch that channel...was flipping channels), so I thought..six hours of this...that's good knitting and knitblog reading time! I'm kinda hooked I think. Luckily, all the episodes can be seen at NBC's website!!

Off to pick up Rowan at the airport (not too late to enter the CONTEST!! see post below! leave a comment or ask a girls, no extra points for leaving a comment today and yesterday :) hehehe). I haven't "advertised" the contest in the knittyboards because I wanted this one to be for you guys!! I'll have another one later!! Okay, airport, then dinner for Rowan and Snowboarder...then contest!!!

xoxox Irishgirlieknits


Calling Kahlo said...

The sock looks fabulous! Did you join the HP swap on Knittyboard? I am so jealous of the sock yarn.

Zonda said...

The sock is looking good! I like it!

Jessica said...

Harry Potter and a pedicure?! That sounds like the PERfect weekend! Here's to a better week! :D

cpurl17 said...

I think that's the sock yarn that Zonda sent me so it's cool to see it knitted up!