Sunday, August 8, 2010


How can the weekend be over already? A quick trip up to Reno to visit my great-aunt Mimi this weekend, but now I'm home watching Mad Men (one nice thing about Sunday nights).

My sister told me about a cupcake shop in Reno that I hadn't been to, so of course, that was the first stop Friday. Just about the cutest cupcake shop!



Batch Cupcakery...quite yummy cupcakes, so I'm sure we'll be back. That pink one, Pretty in Pink, was my favorite (its a pink champagne cupcake!).

When I returned home, this awesome package was waiting for me! My Piddleloop bag arrived, along with lots of goodies for Lil' Snowboarder, Bailey & Puddles! Thank you Jen! You spoil us! I switched over my project (Simple Things Shawlette in Plucky Knitter MCN) right away!
And, I'll enable all of you...Piddleloop is having a sale (I believe it is 15% off until Tuesday...refund is given after purchase, see thread here). I'm so excited that I'll get to meet Jen at Stitches Midwest!! yay!!
And thank you all for the congratulations on my exciting news about Stitches Midwest! On my drive home today I realized it is just about 10 days away...eek!!! I hope to be able to show you pictures later this week of the socks and shawlette (and I think they'll be available for purchase online too!).
Here's to a great week ahead!
xoxo Irishgirlieknits


Unknown said...

What a cute shop! I love cupcakes!

Rani said...

I've never been to a cupcake store, but I can't think of a better place to spend some knitting time. Especially is it's next to a good coffee shop.

Bubblesknits said...

Those cupcakes look delicious!

gMarie said...

What an adorable little bag! And you are totally doing me in with all the cupcake - photos, posts, and tweets! There is a cupcake shop down the block from my office - I might have to start frequenting. g

Scrabblequeen said...

If you're a fan of champagne cake, be sure to stop by Timothy's in my town. And don't forget to tell me you're coming, so I can join you!

gina said...

congratulations about the stitches midwest! and that cupcake shop looks really cute - cupcake fever is just starting over in England, and i haven't see any cute places like this here.

Zonda said...

Oh yum! Sure wished we had cupcake stores again, maybe not ;) Cute bag!

SissySees said...

I think my special-order Piddleloop bag arrives today. I hope so, anyway. I'm sure THAT will inspire me to knit, or at least, to cast on a new project to live in the cute bag...

I totally embrace the cupcake trend. I don't like most traditional cakes, but cupcakes are so cute and portion-controlle... what's not to love?!

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

That shawl is going to be gorgeous you have fabulous taste in colors and are an awesome knitter Congrats on Stitches Midwest and I have never been to a cupcake shop they look so good:)Hugs Darcy