Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Happy Socktoberfest!!

I can't believe that we are already in the second week of October and I haven't shared my excitement for Socktoberfest!

I'm hoping to cast on for the Through the Loops' Mystery Sock at some point this month, but I promised myself to finish up a pair or two first. I have at least seven different socks on the needles! Eek!!

I'm hoping to finish my Uncle Frank socks soon!


And I'm making progress on my Fightin' Irish socks too!


Halfway done....a turning point, just like my Irish, who are finally 3-3!

Um...and yes...Socktoberfest wouldn't be complete without some stash enhancement, right?


This gorgeous skein of STR lightweight in Copperline arrived last week. Can we say gorgeous?


And this pretty, well, it was a prize for winning last quarter's Stashdown! I just love this color of Have You Any Wool Simple Sock in Tart! Thanks Tracy for donating it!!


Even Puddy is excited for Socktoberfest!

I promise to be back in the next day or two to reveal the winning name of my new pattern!! Thank you thank you for all of your suggestions! A few of those names have inspired a different pattern or two! Oh, if only there was more knitting time!

Happy Socktoberfest!
xoxo Irishgirlieknits


dianne said...

The Uncle Frank socks look great! Just think how many new pairs of socks you'll have if you can knock out a couple SIP's. And add to the 52pp tally too!

Discoknits said...

I have Uncle Frank on the needles too :0) Turned the heel of the first.

I cast on the Mystery Socks and am enjoying this part-time process :0)

Channon said...

Great projects! Can I blame my two new-ish socks in progress on Socktoberfest?

Tricia said...

Why o why is there never enough knitting time indeed.

Drat those bills that require us to have jobs.

I think I need to cast on some Uncle Franks right now. oops - I'm at work.;-)

gMarie said...

Love it! All your socks look fabulous. I have a desire to knit cotty, dotty and uncle franks - but there just isn't enough time in the day! g

Bubblesknits said...

Trying to place that colorway...Bella Coola isn't it? I made some socks with that colorway a while back and I love 'em.

My MIL talked me out of those River Rocked Cotty socks. She fell in love with them and asked if they were by chance going in her Christmas stocking. /sigh/ I'm such a push over. lol

Zonda said...

Loving your Uncle Frank socks! Oooh that Copperline is so nice!! Must look away!

Anonymous said...

yay for socktober, sock and stash! and stitches!

Scrabblequeen said...

Hmmm...yes. I'm not doing Soctoberfest, but I AM doing the Frankensock RAL/KAL, which as you say, called for a little stash enhancement. Love that Puddles is getting into the spirit of things, too.

Anonymous said...

your socks look beautiful

PUDDLES!!!! <3

Rani said...

More stash yarns!? oh no you di-int.

Those Uncle Frank socks rock. The colorway really shows off the VERY cool cabling.