Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Random Tuesday Night Blogpost

1.  Funny that during the month of 30 lists, on my list is 'blogging.'  Specifically, 'catch-up' and 'lists.'  Goodness.  And I'm not going to torture you all with a week's worth of lists...but there were a few that I felt I you would enjoy.

List #10 Wishlist

Right now, just one wish.

More time.  More time for fun, for work, for sleeping, for knitting, for spending time with family and friends, for knit nite (seriously! because the texts from my friends of "where were you?!" make me miss knit nite more), for relaxing, for snuggling with the doggies, for exercising.

List #13  DIYs I want to try





Again, see list #10.

List #15  What's on your shopping list?

Okay, I'll spare you the specific list, but this week I really wanted to get back on track with my healthy eating habits, so my list was of all the good healthy stuff I like.  And this week I've felt so much better (all that extra energy almost feels like more time!). 

Question for you guys though....to keep the healthy eating interesting....any favorite low-carb healthy recipes or snacks??  Please share!!

2.  Stuff from Stitches I've wanted to share (plus you guys come here for the yarn pron right??).


I couldn't resist all of Sunshine Yarns gorgeous yarns!  Here's just a few.


Sunshine Yarns Luxury Sport, colorway Patronus


BMFA Socks that Rock, colorway Rawkin' Sockin' Knitters which was named for one of my favorite Ravelry groups!!  Speaking of which, our group is now voting for the next KAL.  There are some awesome patterns being nominated (most are already in my queue!), including my design, Sweet Home, so pop on over and join us!


New yarn for A Verb For Keeping Warm.  So lovely! This is going to turn into a baby hat I think.  My best friend's baby has outgrown his IGK hats already! Such a bad auntie...man, I need to crank some baby hats out for him!!


Fabulous buttons!!!


This is a very special gift!  Stacy, fabulous owner of The Fine Needle, made me this adorable pillowcase for my birthday!  I've helped in her booth at both Stitches East and Stitches West with Kollage Yarns and she really is awesome!! Stop by her shop if you are in Maryland!  And the fiber....yes, Stacy knew I was a beginning spinner!  Thank you Stacy!

3.  Criminal Minds.  Disco and I watched three episodes late one night during her visit and I've been hooked ever since.  I'm up to Season 4!!  It has been awesome marathon-knitting.

4.  Marathon knitting.  Warn me again to never commit to four secret deadline designs in a row.  Makes for boring blogging!  And really hard secret-keeping.  Soon.....one more design to finish, and then the next one I can at least blog about it!!

5.  14 more sleeps til Sock Camp!!!!

6.  Spring!!!  Raining out, but these gorgeous beauties are making me smile!

Fabulous bags from Piddleloop and gorgeous yarn from Plucky!


7.  I started an Irish Girlie Knits Ravelry Group!  And you guys have been so awesome showing your support!! THank you!!  I'll be hosting KALs, contests, coupon codes, etc.  And having lots of fun hopefully!  So many of you have joined, I'm beyond thrilled!  I'm planning to have a buy one, get one free pattern sale for one-day on St. Patrick's Day, BUT if we get 10 more group members (that would be 150!!), I'll start the sale early!!  Come join us!!

Oh, and if you have an Irishgirlieknits design on your needles right now, post a picture in the thread!  On Thursay I'll pick a winner for a fabulous yarnie and pattern prize!
8.  Sleepy time.

Happy Knitting!!
xoxo Irishgirlieknits


dianne said...

You got some great stuff at Stitches. I really love the buttons! And the green Plucky is gorgeous! I can't wait to see what you make with it :-)

Channon said...

Pretty goodies! 'Bout time you started that Ravelry group! ;)

Discoknits said...

I think we ended up with the same AVFKW yarn and colour. How did that happen, right under my nose?! I'll look forward to comparing hats :0)
I heart those piddleloop bags. But with so much stash fabric, can I justify one? I'll have to get on it as my current 'baggy' just doesn't cut it, right ;0)

Scrabblequeen said...

Yeah for the new Rav group. It will be so much easier to keep up and keep track! Low carb snack fav? Hummus! On....whatever suits you. I used carrots and celery when I'm being good and pita chips (whole grain, of course) when I'm not...Found a 16 pack of Hannah brand organic singles at CostCo...each tub has two serv at 5 carbs, 2 protein each, or for lunch, eat the whole thing guilt free!

Lara said...

Just joined your Rav group! Thank you for having the pattern sale.

Love the bags and all the Stitches goodies.

Zonda said...

Gosh the bag and yarn prOn!! Time I want more too, if you find the sekrit, LMK ;)

Amy in Oregon said...

First time commenter... I had to comment about those buttons! I looked at them & thought "hey! those look kind of familiar..." Then turned my head to look and there next to me were the buttons I purchased from the woman who creates those buttons! She lives here in Oregon and I met her at an event at a local quilt shop. She is super sweet and everything she had that day was gorgeous. I have two that are Christmas tree shaped that I'm planning on turning into necklaces.