Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Good things.

1. Surviving another Monday.  I just don't like them.  Well, unless they are a holiday :)

2. Introducing Lil' Snowboarder to the Spice Girls during the Closing Ceremonies of the Olympics!  And then her wanting to watch their videos on youtube this morning :)  Of course, I had to google their names last night for her...I had Posh, Sporty, and Baby... My coworker and I joked that we were both searching the internet at the same time last night as her 3 year old daughter was enthralled by the girls too!

3. Attempting to finish my shawl for the Ravellenic Games.  I didn't finish, but I figured time with friends and sleep this past weekend were more important.

4.  Working on the shawl while watching our Womens Basketball team win gold!!!


5.  I joined a fancy new gym, thanks to a good friend with a hook-up :)  I am loving every minute of it.  I went 5 days last week and it still feels like I'm at a resort! Lil' Snowboarder definitely thinks it is a resort with this water slide (crazy, right??!!).  I so can't wait to bring Little Guy there!


6.  I may not have met my knitting goals for the Olympics, but I did meet me workout goals! I swam a ton and it feels so good to get back into a routine!  I promised myself a medal if I was consistent.... it may not be gold but I LOVE it!!


It is a waterproof ipod shuffle!  You can find it here and it was worth every penny!  I love to swim and can go for 45-60 minutes, but it gets boring fast and I usually want to stop around 30 minutes.  Not this week!  I have probably been the happiest swimmer in the pool!

7. Making ice tea :)  Since kicking the diet coke habit (well, I'm down to one every few days), I've tried to be creative about what else to drink.  Water, water, water....sparking water, fruit-infused water, etc.  And there's plenty of other things I like to drink, but I really don't want to add extra calories in for drinking (well, unless it is champagne or margaritas and such!).  Ice tea with just a bit of splenda has been the trick.  And I've been experimenting with lots of different teas from the tea party and I'm hooked!  This week I'm enjoying Teavana Youthberry and this one.


8. 19 days until Notre Dame Football!!

9. I'll be watching this  this weekend!

10. Getting to bed at a decent hour now that the Olympics are done.  Well, after tonight that is.  Oops...up too late blogging.

Night night!
xoxo Irishgirlieknits


dianne said...

Kicking the diet soda habit is hard! Good for you! And for getting to the pool 5 days last week too! Fantastic :-) I'm looking forward to The Hunger Games this weekend too.

Crafty Farmer said...

The link to the waterproof ipod didn't work for me. Can you tell me more??? This is a dream come true!!!

IrishGirlieKnits said...

Hi Crafty Farmer....I just updated the link. It is a waterfii ipod shuffle that I purchased through amazon :)

Crafty Farmer said...

Also, where's your pitcher from? Thanks!

IrishGirlieKnits said...
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IrishGirlieKnits said...

From Lupiciausa.com It is the handy cooler :) They have a store up here and I LOVE it!!

Mya said...

wow, a waterproof ipod shuffle? Awesome! Good for you for getting back into the workout routine.

Robin said...

Have you tried Mio water??? I just put enough in to give the water some flavor.

Zonda said...

Definately a great investment that will help you swim longer. Good for you!

kate said...

15 days until the first Michigan game! Cannot wait! You and I might need to avoid each other on the 22nd ;)

Crafty Farmer said...

I just received my waterproof shuffle (THANKS to you!) and I am trying to get it ready for tomorrow. Have you tried audiobooks on yours?