Saturday, August 31, 2013

Good Juju

It sure has been a tough few weeks around here, but especially this past week. Pa is in the hospital for a knee replacement surgery.  He had one five years ago and this is the other knee. Well, he was supposed to go home yesterday, but that's not happening. Hoping he'll get transferred to a rehab center soon, but he definitely could use some prayers and good juju.

So this post was delayed, but in a way, maybe it was fitting. I've been wanting to send some good juju to Discoknits the past few weeks.


Many of you know she's one of my knitting besties and she is doing something a bit spectacular for her. She's running a half-marathon in just a few weeks. More specifically, she's running in the world's largest half-marathon! AND I still remember a few years ago when she was trying to do the couch to 5k program and was dying trying it. But the past few weekend she's been running 9, 10, 11 miles at a time!!!!  She is sooooooo inspiring!!!

She's running the race in memory of her late brother and is also raising money for two wonderful children's charities! And if you donate just $5 to help her, you'll be entered in a chance to win a handknit beekeeper's quilt, knit out of Socks that Rock!!! Every $5 gets you a chance to be entered.  It is gorgeous....go check it out!

Blanket flat

I've made my donation (I sooooo love that blanket!!) but I've been wanting to do more to support her! So, here's your chance to get either of my pattern collections,  The Sullivan Family Collection or The Woods Family Collection, for just $5!!!  The first 20 people to make the $5 donation and email me will receive the collection of their choice. UPDATE: ALL SPOTS FILLED. Thank yoU! I'll do my best to update here when those 20 spots have been filled.

Make a donation on Disco's fundraiser page (US charity is here, UK charity is here).  I'll check those pages to confirm your donation, but also email me:  irishgirlieknits AT gmail DOT com  (please note which collection you would like and a ravelry ID that I can send it to) and please also email disco so she can enter you into her drawing. She is:  discoknits  AT gmail DOT com . By the way, every $5 really does help. Disco sent me an email earlier this week about someone's $5 donation that just made her day! Sure, if you can donate more that is great, but really, if 30 of you donate $5, Disco has raised $150 more! And that is what it is all about :)

Now a few other prizes. UPDATE: CONTEST CLOSED.
  • If you'd prefer to pick 3 IGK patterns ($18 value, same as the collections but excludes other yarn company patterns), I'll offer that option to 10 people. Just email me the info and I'll update here when these are gone!
  • If you want to donate $10, I'll send 10 people BOTH collections. This will however count as 1 towards the 20 collections mentioned above.
  • Some of you have already made a donation! Feel free to email me any 2 patterns from my IGK patterns that you'd like me to gift you through ravelry :)
  • MORE prizes!! If you've already made a donation or if you make a new donation, I'll enter you guys into a yarny giveaway later this week! I'm thinking Socks that Rock prizes (at least 2) since that's what Disco's blanket is made from and probably a skein or two of Plucky since Plucktember is coming up!!!  Just email me so I know to enter you :)
Feel free to spread the word! Oh, and give me a day or two to get you your prizes as I'll be at the hospital the next few days probably. But, I've been wanting to do this for Disco for the past two weeks so I hope you understand waiting a day or two!

Despite the busy few weeks, there has been knitting. Here's a peek at an upcoming pattern.  Another Peek-a-boo Penelope for another co-worker (that's three girls in a row for my lovely co-workers).


More details on that soon!

Wishing us all a little extra good juju this weekend!
xoxo Irishgirlieknits

P.S. There are Plucktember specials on my patterns....check out the thread here (IGK ravelry group) for discount codes.


Discoknits said...

You are THE BEST! Thank you so much for doing this :0) xoxo

linda in chicagoland said...

Just donated $10. Congrats to you both for doing this.

danielle said...

Donation made....not sure how to email you!

IrishGirlieKnits said...

Danielle the best way to email me is


Hilary said...

I've been following your dad's progress on your Twitter feed, but wanted to let you know here that I've been thinking about you and sending good juju your way! Prayers for a speedy recovery and no more complications from here on out. And I hope your sister is doing better as well!