Monday, March 3, 2014

Happenings and The Haul

I know, I know. You want to see the haul from Stitches West. But first, some happenings.

1. If I went to a work conference everyday (I don't. Went to one last Friday though), I sure would have a lot of hats. I cranked out the baby hat for little magpie during the first few presentations. And all I thought the entire time was why isn't everyone else knitting? Seriously, I get it was a "professional" conference, but I sat in the back of about 1000 attendees, and no one was knitting. Almost no one was taking notes. Quite a few were playing on their phones, which made me not feel bad at all for knitting. I know I listened better while knitting, and was at the easy point of the hat where it was easy to look up most of the time. The last presentation of the day, when I had finished the hat and didn't have any knitting, was pretty hard to sit through. Again, made me wonder why no one else was knitting.

2. The IGK group on Ravelry has a sock knit-along going right now. It runs through the end of March, so you still have plenty of time to join. I finished a wee pair of baby Keegan socks for the magpie this weekend. I'm prepping the pattern for my IGK pattern line (yay!) and just need to find the hat I finished so we can have a proper photoshoot (seriously! Hat was finished months ago?!?! Where is it?). I'm casting on a new one, with the hopes that then the old one will appear. Either way, pattern should be ready in the next week or two. Until then, here are a few cute pics to tide you over.



Seriously, this baby kills me with cute (see #3 below).

Speaking of IGK socks, if you need more inspiration, check out Neuroknitter's Cotty socks. Love them!

3. Doggies! And baby! The cute!



And now the haul. Well, some of it!


I could not resist the kit from A Verb for Keeping Warm, featuring a yarn exclusive to Stitches, and a gorgeous shawl pin and design from Romi! Love it!



I fell in love with Amy from Canon Hand Dyes and her gorgeous yarns back at Interweave's Knitting Lab. I couldn't resist the self-striping sock yarn or the Downton Abbey mini-set or this gradient set (LOVE the name! Oh, Lady Mary!). 

If you love Amy's yarn, they are being featuring in an upcoming {Among Friends} yarn club shipment, Best of the Northwest, Take 2. I was featured in their recent Best of the Bay Area shipment, and was able to see what was in it while at Stitches West. Wow! I wish I had signed up for it!  The kits are fabulous and I would highly recommend them! Plus the Northwest kit also includes one of my favorite dyers, Knitted Wit!


Ah. The Plucky. I fell down the rabbit hole when I felt what Plucky Knitter Bello felt like when knit up. Ah-May-ZING! The first three colors are from the "Candy Dish" especially for Stitches West. A bunch of colors that were fabulous! Seriously, I could have bought the whole bin of Candy Dishes! I added the skein of Milk Maid because I think I have a design in mind.....inspiration!


I also picked up the special Mixed Kit. Love this hat! Can't wait to cast on.

A few more skeins of Plucky may have fallen into my bag, but a girl has to have some secrets, right?!

Happy Knitting!
xoxo Irishgirlieknits


Alicia Landi said...

I totally get the conference thing. Most conferences I go to people are on their computers, reading papers, or typing e-mails which is VERY difficult to do while listening. I feel confident they are paying far less attention than I am, even when I'm knitting!

Renee Anne said...

I had a class in college that I should have knit through (one of my cohorts did knit through that class). I couldn't concentrate in that class and I'm not sure I learned anything. At least our professor was pretty to look at :)

Also, BABY SOCKS! I was going to start a pair of baby socks with some leftover yarn yesterday and the pattern called for me to CO 20 stitches and I'm pretty sure that wouldn't have fit Barbie. So, I'm going to go digging through my patterns and see if I can find my mini-sock binder (from when I took a sock knitting class in 2010).

dianne said...

You got a Plucky/Babycocktails hat kit!!!!! I'm super jealous. I love that pattern and it is exclusive to Stitches West :-( I can't wait to see it knit up in that color combo too!

Audry said...

I'm glad to see that a bunch of Canon Hand Dyes made it home with you. I jokingly told Amy that I didn't need anymore because I have one of each skein now.

Melissa McKee said...

This post officially deserves a cuteness citation. So adorable. Also, I've got to get my hands of some of those yarns. Thanks for the enabling.

Neuroknitter said...

Thank you!! <3

I've never been comfortable knitting at work conferences even though everyone else is checking email and surfing the web on their iPhones and tablets...I should get over it!! ;)

Anonymous said...

That pic of Magpie in the lilac onesie with your socks is so adorable! I just want to get my hands on her! Miss you. Love, CutiePatootie's Mom.