Thursday, November 20, 2014

One for me... Two for you: Knitted Gifts and the Holidays

Nephew with his snowman and Santa skull t-shirt

Earlier this year my 5 year-old nephew saw me knitting (not uncommon) and asked me if I would make him something. When I asked what he wanted he replied: "a snowman."
Me: "A snowman?"
Him: "YES! A Snowman" Looking at me like he was doubting my comprehension of the English language.

A few weeks later at a holiday family gathering, I gave him the snowman I made with felted eyes and nose. Thrilled, he posed for a picture in one of his favorite holiday t-shirts: a skull with a santa hat and candy canes.

It was April and we had gathered for Easter.

The holidays are almost here with the shopping and the cooking and the baking and the eating and the gathering and all the craziness that goes with it. I'm tempted to set up a spreadsheet like the Yarn Harlot. Lately, I've been giving knitted gifts throughout the year, as I finish them. That way I'm enjoying the knitting time as relaxation rather than stressing out about the deadline. I'm always knitting something for somebody on my list for a Christmas gift, but I choose carefully. Usually it's for my grandmother, the person who taught me to knit and still knits at 93. My grandmother works on her gifts throughout the year and stashes them away until the holidays. In theory, that sounds great, but it usually doesn't work for me. I'm so thrilled when I finish something that I have to give it right away. I can hold back with purchased gifts, but barely.

How do you manage your knitted gift giving? A database, spreadsheet, or checklist? Any tips for keeping things sane during the holidays so you can enjoy the moment?

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Anonymous said...

that snowman would be a kick in the middle of spring! i like your idea of just giving when you want to.

there is a santa skull shirt? must have!


Tricia @CheekyAttitude said...

Sazzy the kid always cracks me up.

I think they got the shirt at Target