Thursday, January 15, 2015

Knitting Every Single Day Yields Surprising Results

I'm not even through the first 15 days of my Knit365 project and I've noticed something unexpected.

I expected to be more productive and have more knitted objects to show.

I expected to go through my stash more often and be reminded of all the lovely yarn I already own.

But one thing that I've noticed doesn't really have to do with knitting exactly.
I've rediscovered my love for seeing things through the camera lens.

The simple act of taking a picture of my knitting each day, even using my phone camera, has opened my eyes to looking at shapes and colors and textures. Back in 2006 I completed a photo-a-day project and I love having that year documented that way and that's when I began trying to learn more about photography. Over the years, I've put that to the side and am now bringing it out of the shadows.

Looking through the lens and seeing the landscape of this knitted fabric and trying to capture its hills and valleys was a challenge as well as a meditative exercise.

And at the end I'll have some lovely knits to wear! I'm at the border of the Pont Neuf cowl and am very excited to have it be my first finished knit of 2015.

Happy Knitting!


Renee Anne said...

I'm still working on the whole "knitting every day" part of's difficult with two small children around. I'm trying, though.

Anonymous said...

Oh boy..the memories you bring back of project 365! We had so much fun. I was thinking this morning before I ever saw this that I want to get out and explore my love of trees with my camera today.

Every time I read about your 365 knitting project I am tempted.

You are doing some excellent work both knitting and with photos.