Thursday, January 8, 2015

Here's to 2015 and Blue Sky Days

Happy New Year!

We have been having glorious weather here in the Bay Area. I know we need the rain but the warm sun feels wonderful. I've been told that so many "blue sky days" can be overwhelming to people from other parts of the country. As a native Californian, I wonder if they were joking. Who could get tired of views like this?

I've got a couple of knitterly goals for 2015:
  • Knit every single day -You can follow the bits and pieces on instagram ( cheekyattitude) and follow the tag: #knit365. I'm completely relaxed about it, I have given myself permission to just knit a few stitches and it will totally count. Will anyone join me? I'd love to have company. There are a number of #yearofmaking people. But I'd like to concentrate on knitting.
  • Organize the stash - I wrote about it last time and dove into the piles but know there are skeins in places (back of the closet... etc.) I haven't discovered yet. I have been following Rachel Herron's journey as inspiration. (That counts as moving forward, right?) Maybe I should post pictures of the mess as public shaming to kick my bottom into gear.
On the needles right now is a Sorin Fingerless Glove. I had a false start because I failed to read the directions properly and cast on waaay too many stitches. Thankfully, I noticed in time and avoided frogging a whole glove.

The yarn is Malabrigo Worsted from the aforementioned stash. Sooo soft and lofty. I stop to pet it quite a bit.

The seed stitches in the center have to be my favorite element, I just love how they pop.

By the way, the Sorin Fingerless Glove pattern is the pattern for January and on sale for 4.75.

And it is "selfish knitting" time! Join the knit-a-long in the Ravelry Group and knit yourself something pretty.


Kelly-ann (on Ravelry) said...

I would appreciate every blue sky. In Chicago, it is dismal and barely above zero. I am hoping for sun today...crossing my fingers! I think knitting everyday is such a simple, but awesome goal. Not sure if I should try it since I already committed to taking a photo everyday.

Knit Nurd said...

I usually do knit every single day...I feel weird if I don't. I committed myself to spinning every day for at least 15 minutes. And what happens? I break my pinkie toe on my right foot. Ugh.
I'm a native Californian too, and I love our blue skies!!! We do need the rain, but I'll take blue over gray anytime! :)

Anonymous said...

first...i LOVE how your yarn colors match those lovely colors of the GGB and the roof in your first photo!

second....i LOVE malabrigo. i have it somewhere in my disorganized yarn stash.

kelly-ann....good for you on the photo-a-day project!! I completed it once. it's such a fun and inspiring project and knitting pics can count!


Renee Anne said...

I'm trying to find time to knit or spin or design or otherwise play with fiber every day. That's kind of difficult with small children around but I'm trying.

I also have plans to knit the Sorin Fingerless Mitts...but not for me. ::sigh:: I made my best friend the Sorin hat and plain mittens so I think I should make the matching fingerless mitts :) And maybe some for me later.

And I'm okay without the metric ton of rain we've had in recent weeks. We had some leaky roof issues that I hope have been fixed.

Tricia @CheekyAttitude said...

Thanks for all your comments!

Kelly-ann I agree with Sazzy; pictures of knitting totally count for a 365 photo project. I also did a 365 photo project one year and I am so happy to have that year in photos.

Knit Nurd - so sorry about your pinkie toe! I hear that's very painful. I hope to "feel weird" if I don't knit each day, I want it to be that much a part of my life too.

Thank you for the photo love Sazzy, I do love our Bay Area.

Renee Anne - Yikes! Leaky roofs are soo not fun. I work in a library and we "discovered" a leak in that last storm! UGH - running around getting all the books out of the way was crazy (not in a good way!)