Monday, December 29, 2014

Getting Ready for the New Year: Organizing Yarn

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. We've enjoyed all the happy activities that were shared in the comments. I can't believe it is almost time to ring in 2015.

Congratulations to our contest winners:

Debbie is the winner of the pretty Plucky yarn.
And we decided to choose two more lucky knitters to receive an IGK Pattern of their choice.

Congratulations Marcy and Kelly-ann!

Please private message Irish Girlie on Ravelry to arrange for the prizes.

Taking time to fill out a new calendar and think about the year ahead always gets me excited about all the possibilities. Right now I have visions of an uncluttered and organized craft space of my own. First on the agenda is to get a handle on my yarn stash.

I did a bit of poking around and Webbs ( has a whole series on organizing yarn with wonderful tips on destashing, organizing patterns, and (my favorite) organizing yarn.

I'm leaning toward putting yarn together by weight rather than color or fiber. It seems when I dive into the bags o yarn that I have, it is in search of something pretty to go with a pattern / project.

I've started a pinterest board for yarn organizing ideas and while I'll never have space the size of a yarn store, a knitter can dream.

Lucky Hanks "Yarn Office"

How do you organize your yarn? Does every skein have a project and every project have a place?


GeniaKnitz said...

"Does every skein have a project and every project have a place?"
ROFL! Good one, Carrie!
If only…..

Alicia said...

Oh my, that room is so dreamy! I thought my organization was good, but it's been frustrating me. I separated my yarn into bins by weight, but I don't have a lot of space and often times the worsted or bulky weight bin will get buried at the bottom of a large stack of bins and I've found myself being super lazy about it and just... knitting with something else instead. I need a better system! It's hard to remember what is in all the bins and annoying to dig it out. I'm thinking of pulling out the yarn I plan to use over the next few months and going from there.

Renee Anne said...

Wait wait wait...people *organize* their yarn?! What is this magic?

My yarn is in plastic bins in my yarn closet (yes, I have an entire closet just for yarn). No, to be fair, I went through my bins last year and did some record-keeping. Sadly, I've not kept up with while all the stuff that I had was entered into my written spreadsheet, anything new was not added. Oops. Oh well...means I get to fall in love with my stash again :)

Anonymous said...

seriously?! organize my yarn? where is the fun in that? you know i love combing thru boxes and bags of stuff looking for things i "think" i might still have. NOT!

i guess this is not a good time to mention some nice yarn i saw on sale at "tuesday morning"?


Debbie McPhillips said...

Oh my!! So excited I won!! And you maybe have inspired me to also tackle my stash. Thanks!!!