Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Fresh air, feeling fit, and a free pattern.

A quick vacation post, but I wanted to share a few things with you guys.

Fresh air does wonders for the soul.


Nice to start your days off like this.


What a difference a year makes too! I was able to wear my favorite bathing suit that I couldn't wear last year. Amazing what losing just 15 pounds does? Still a long ways to go, but it felt great to wear it, and great to walk up and down the hill to the lake and not have to stop every few feet because I was so tired. Yay for not being in so much pain!


I brought Shaun T and Cize on vacation with me too. Two workouts in already! Tomorrow may be a swimming day instead. I've already got one kid to workout with me...hoping to convince a few more.


I hope to cast on these pretties tomorrow. Plucky Knitter Primo Sport in Tomboy, Twill, and Melba (I tried editing the photo a bit so Melba shows up as the lovely orangey color it is...but not sure I did). Did you hear that I'm one of the designers for PluckTOBER? So excited!



I popped into my favorite knitting and everything store in Murphys today, Maisie Blue. They have lovely books, yarn, tea, stationary, soaps. Seriously, I don't buy any yarn usually (due to my stash!!), but I always support them by buying a summer book and plenty of other knick nacks. I did NOT succumb to the coloring books you guys are all into. I just can't have anymore hobbies. I'm trying to pretend this workout thing is a hobby (aren't you supposed to LOVE a hobby? I'm hoping someday it will be easier and I'll love it....for now...I do it and it IS getting easier). But they even had tiny pocket book versions, you know, for when you are at the doctor's office and just want to color. Love it!


I was actually a little nervous I wouldn't find something and then I turned the corner. How could I doubt my favorite shop? They never fail me! I love me some Orla Kiely!

My summer pick was this lovely choice. How could I resist the setting of Connemara, Ireland? I'll keep you posted if it was any good. I really wanted to get the books that inspired Granchester on PBS, but I don't read enough these days! But I added them to my wish list. Check on the Maisie Blue Blog for some other great book inspiration.

Lastly, do you follow my on instagram? I'm irishgirlieknits over there. Do I follow you? Sometimes I don't always put everyone's ravelry IDs/blog names/twitter/IG names together. So I figures a little Instagram contest would be fun. And since I'm in Blue Lakes Springs for vacation, why not do a free pattern giveaway contest of the Blue Lakes Spring Shawlette Pattern?

Blue Lake Springs Shawlette


Let’s have some fun!! Pattern Giveaway time! Since I’m on vacation in Blue Lake Springs this week I’ll giveaway 10 free patterns of this Shawlette of the same name for every 50 comments on this Instagram post until Wed 8/5. Feel free to spread the word or repost! To enter to win: 1) make sure you are following me 2) leave a comment or rav ID and 3) tag a friend or two who might like to win too.

Ok. Back to vacation for me. I hope you guys are having a fabulous week!! Love you!!

Happy Knitting!
xoxo Irishgirlieknits

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Renee Anne said...

I tried to not buy coloring books......but now I have four with three more coming (I won prizes in the July monthly thread in LSG). Oops. I don't even have time to knit lately. ::sigh::