Saturday, December 2, 2006

Lots of Stuff!!!

Umm...Pashmina, is that a pink dog on our blog! Thank goodness we don't have very many readers yet! Hehehe. Love the Suss koolaid shrug- its been so many skeins since we made our trip down to Suss that I forgot that I have some koolaid to make that same shrug!

So I have lots of fun stuff to show you all!! First, I forgot to show Pashy when she was down visiting the Bay Area this week my recent order from Blue Moon (and yes, I realize that by posting this picture, I may be providing some people with evidence that would suggest our blog is inaccurately named...but I of course would disagree, hence the name of our blog). My two favorites are Dreidel (because it reminds me of Notre Dame colors or UCLA for you Pashy, but really, GO IRISH!, but since UCLA kicked some USC TROJAN butt today, GO BRUINS!!) and Rare Gems, which is really rare, one of a kind, mistakes made beautiful- the helpful lady on the phone suggested it to me! And I love it!! I'm definately going to have to knit up a bunch of these before February so that I can buy more at Stitches!!!

I can now post pictures of what I knit for a friend's baby shower today. I made a pink daisy flower hat and petal bib! She loved it!

And I gave that and a few other baby things in the cutest baby bag ever! My friend Christy sews them! I love them because you can use them for anything! You can see (and buy!) them here!

And since the baby shower was in Oakland, I had to quickly stop by Article Pract beforehand! Just a few little ( do I spell that word Pashy....chach-key???....donations???..souvenirs) things! The new Knitscene for spring (its 50 degrees out, but okay), pom-pom thingys I have wanted in both big and little sizes, and Nashua yarn in Burgundy (seems very similar to Polar, but only $8.95!). Yeah! Oh, and some stocking stuffers, not shown!

I'm off to try finishing my anthropologie-inspired capelet that is almost done!!!!
Love, Karabella aka CarrieKnits

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