Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Maker Faire?!!?!



Look! She's holding Monkey kawkaw!


I was so excited to see Elizabeth again and meet her son Nathan! Isn't he a cutie! We both brought our funky sock monkeys to say hi to Stephanie!


Cpurl and I got to say hi (she has some great pics of the Faire on her blog!)!! We took this photo as evidence for Zonda!

Rosie and the cupcake

Rosie and Louie (Tapmouse's monkey!) had a great time today! This is a cupcake mobile (crazy, huh? We thought of you Terry!).


Seriously, the Maker Faire is a bit different? A big geeky science fair, with yarn thrown in??!


These guys were there too. 104 2liters of Diet Coke and 600+ mentos create this!


Overall, a great day! I even bought a teensy weensy bit of yarn...details to follow!

Happy Knitting!

xoxo Irishgirlieknits


cpurl17 said...

It was so great seeing you!! We wanted to stay for the Mentos + Coke show but pooped out.

kasiaiscarly said...

"teensy weesy?" i'll believe it when i see it :)

turtlegirl76 said...

Alright, you got a mountain of STR again didn't you?

Zonda said...

Hiya! How cool was that day!! Glad you saw Cpurl again! Wild cupcakes but the gorilla checking out the monkeys was funny!

Rebel said...

OMG! That looks like so much fun! It makes me want to get some mentos & a bottle of coke!

weezalana said...

OMG! That picture of the... er... gorillaboarwolfman holding your sock monkeys almost made me pee my pants!

And now, I suddenly want to go get some Mentos and Diet Coke...

Anonymous said...

Looks like a great (and very interesting) time! What fun!

marcy said...

And who amongst us does not need a souvenier??? As i have told my youngest who expects such things after dad's business trips, knitting is my business and webs is a trip...hence, YARN souveniers!!!
dazzle us Carrie!

Josie said...

A geeky science fair with yarn thrown in! lol! That's the perfect description of the Maker Faire!

tapmouse said...

Seriously, some of us knitters *are* rather geeky, too!-lol! I was talking to a mom I met at the park and we were saying how we could probably spend both days there ALONE and making everything they had there to do!-lol!

Bezzie said...

Is it bad that I think cpurl and the mentos coke fountain totally kick the YH's butt in terms of cool? ;-)

Terry said...

What fun! I'm sorry to have missed it. And very cool cupcake shot with the funky monkeys!

tiennie said...

How fun!!

Nell said...

I'm so jealous of you. Two Harlot encounters in a month! SO.JEALOUS!!!

Next year (after school), it's so on.

Anonymous said...

That looks like the perfect day!

Disco said...

OK this might also kick Hilton Head's butt!!! Frick!!!

I want to hang with Cpurl and you :0(

Tommy just got back with my foot dressings so I'll review more later.
Miss you I-G mmm

Neuroknitter said...

I was wondering if you went to question has been answered!

The Maker Faire looks like a good time!! What a great picture with you and Stephanie!