Monday, June 6, 2011

Gratitude List #3

In the knitting world, lots of people are buzzing this week about the upcoming TNNA trade show.  If you remember, I officially became a member in January and was able to go to the show in Long Beach earlier this year. 

As much as I wanted to go to the upcoming show in Columbus, I just knew I wouldn't be able to make it work this year.  And so instead of pouting that I can't be there, I thought today's post would be a perfect time to reflect on the many things I'm grateful for in my budding designing career since TNNA in January.

26. I have a new gorgeous logo that I'm still tickled with!  So much so that I've even put it on totebags (psst! totebags are back in stock btw)!

27. I've published 5 new designs, one of which will be released tomorrow through Sunshine Yarns.

28. I have 2 more designs for Kollage that will be released this week and at TNNA.  Hopefully Erica will take some pictures of the Kollage Yarns' booth for me :)  I can't wait to see the final pictures!  Here is a sneak peek at Keegan, the baby hat and booties set!

Seriously need to pinch those cheeks!!  Too cute. 

29. Both of these patterns, and ANOTHER one, will be featured in Kollage's upcoming Feed Your Creativity program.  That is 3 of the 10 projects featured!  I was hoping that maybe one of my patterns would be picked, but 3?!  So excited!!  And to be paired up with other fabulous patterns and designers, it is an honor. 


30.  I've opened two wholesale accounts with both Miss Babs and Sunshine Yarns and as I continue to reformat my patterns, I'm looking forward to opening more wholesale accounts. 

31.  I'm teaching at Sock Summit!!!  And my class sold out in less than an hour!!  I'm beyond honored to be among one of 60 fantastic teachers.  Seriously, so grateful for this opportunity!

32. I have another design that will be released on Wednesday!  (that makes 8 designs in 5 wonder I'm tired!). 

33. I'm grateful for all that I have learned the past few months, and for recognizing that I have so much more to learn.

34.  I have been blessed with an amazing group of people who have been so supportive of this journey, from my test knitters, to other designers both new and experienced, and to indie dyers and yarn companies for their support!

35.  Most importantly, I am grateful for all of you for continuing to inspire me, support me, laugh with me, and tink with me!  Which reminds me, I have a pile of UFOs that need to be dealt with...I may need your help with that!

Well, I hope this doesn't sound just like a list of things I've done since TNNA.  I really am incredibly grateful for all of these things because I still just can't believe all of the awesome things that are happening!  Thank you!

See, it'll be ok that I won't be at TNNA this weekend. 

What are you grateful for this week?  I loved reading what you guys were grateful for last week.  I really think this positive attitude may be the way to go...

Happy Knitting!
xoxo Irishgirlieknits


dianne said...

Wow! That's a lot to be proud of and grateful for! Good for you!!

This week I'm grateful that the dog's medication is on tapering off doses. It's made him ravenously hungry and more than a little naughty seeking out food. And I'm also grateful for the patience to deal with him!

Sarah JS said...

You've accomplished so much this year and we're not even halfway through!

I'm grateful that kid #2 is off to a fun camp this week that she enjoys and that gives me a wee break from her boundless energy, that vacation time is hovering quite near, that the sun is shining, the sweater I'm knitting (w/out a pattern) is coming along fine, and that most of our new plants are settling in happily.

SpinningLara said...

Wow Carrie! Three patterns for Kollage, that is awesome :)

Im grateful for my supportive husband. Im grateful that I have been healthy for the past two and a half years :))))

Zonda said...

Go you!!! I'm so happy and proud of you! I scored a Capitola kit in Geode sport! Woot! Should be waiting for me at my new home...I'm grateful that I'm almost packed and nearly done DIY!!!!

neknitsandbeads said...

I can't wait to knit up your latest design. So, I only have to wait until tomorrow to purchase?! YAY!

knitter said...

Congratulations on your designs! They are all gorgeous!

Alicia said...

It sounds like you have been busy! It's been fun and inspiring watching you get more and more into designing.

Currently I'm very grateful for my fiance. It was our 2 year anniversary yesterday and even though we've been so busy lately that we've hardly seen each other (both grad students with crazy schedules) it still amazes me that we have each other so I'm grateful for that.

Also, sock yarn. Sometimes it's the only thing that keeps me sane and happy when I have too much work to do... :)

Lori in Michigan said...

Congrats to you! Great accomplishments!