Tuesday, October 18, 2011

10 good things.

1. Tomorrow is Wednesday, which means we are two days closer to the weekend.  I could use a weekend right about now :)

2. I swam today after a long day of work.  Good for so many reasons, but especially because I made time for me.

3.  New pretty yarn.  I couldn't resist stopping at A Verb for Keeping Warm last Friday on my way up to visit little guy (see, any reason to justify a yarn store visit).  They have such lovely yarns, hard to resist.

A pretty skein of AVFKW Toasted, for a Comfort Food Cowl I think.

Madelinetosh Chunky.  Pretttttttyy!  I can't wait to try this yarn!

4.  Inspiration.  I go in to Verb to buy yarn, and leave with the material to sew the gorgeous navy scarf below.

Pretty scarves

I blame Cupcakefaerie for talking about her sewing machine the night before, and Kristine for offering an awesome class to take to learn how to make this.  I'm hoping it works with my schedule!

5.  Interweave Knitting Lab is coming to San Mateo, literally right next to my office, in about two weeks!!!  Yarn, right next store to work.  Can't wait to see! Plus Knitted Wit will be there, along with Miss Babs, carrying my patterns.  So fun.  I think we may even do an IGK meet-and-greet at Knitted Wit's Booth! I'll keep you posted.

6.  One of my LYS, Nine Rubies, is a sponsor for Knitting Lab and they are having a special Local Designers' Night on the Friday night of Knitting Lab.  And guess who they asked to participate?!  Me!  I'm so honored to be featured with Hilary Smith Callis.  Save the date if you are a local...I'd love to see you!!

Nine Rubies

7.  Pumpkin bread.  I'm craving some.  Might need to make some tomorrow night.

8.  Twisted.  I love that store :)

9.  Having healthy food in the fridge for the week....dinner, lunch, already made :)

10.  Doggies fresh from the groomers!  It was too late to take a picture when I got home tonight, but I can't wait to show you their new Halloween bandanas.

What good things are happening in your life?

Happy knitting!
xoxo Irishgirlieknits


gMarie said...

What a lovely list. I'm very thankful for Wednesday too - my youngest daughter is coming for a short visit - pick her up at the airport tomorrow night. can't wait! g

Amanda/PrincessRuffian said...

Great list! My good things: good health, gorgeous fall weather, supportive friends and co-workers, Out of Step Dyeworks self-striping awesomeness, and a dog to lick all the troubles away.