Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Happy December!

I love the holiday season and we are in full swing here in the IGK family!

There has been baking....

Banana Bread

The bundt style cake is a banana bread from Pioneer Woman...it was pretty good.   The one from Smitten Kitchen was definitely a winner.  Not necessarily as good as my favorite one, but since that recipe has been lost for months (ack!! it used shortening and was really straight forward but I can't find the recipe card for the life of me and can't remember it), I thought I'd try a few new ones.

There have been rainy days and tea....


Don't worry, I wasn't driving when this picture was taken :) 

There was the Polar Express (bad auntie couldn't make it, but Lil' Guy's mommy sent me pictures!!)



Goodness I love that kid!

Then my sister suggested we attend the Dickens Fair last weekend.  What a lovely event! I don't know why we haven't been before. 



Lil' Snowboarder loved going to "London!"

Dickens Fair



And then there is the knitting....

ummm....insert picture here?  Busy weekend, not enough knitting.  Must fix that soon! I did at least go to knit nite tonight :)

We do have an IGK holiday KAL going on in our ravelry group!  Fun prizes, lots of cheering, come join us!  Oh, and there is a coupon code.   From now until Dec. 8, receive 20% off any IGK individual pattern (Merrily Collection included, but other collections are not) with the coupon code: igkholiday

Oh, and then there is the fact that Notre Dame is going to play in the National Championship on January 7!!! GO Irish!!   (don't worry Dianne, I still love you!)

So how has your December been?  Are you in the holiday spirit yet?  I'd love to hear :)

Happy December!
xoxo Irishgirlieknits


dianne said...

My son put his name in for a student ticket to the game. I think there's a slim chance that he'll get one but it's fun to dream :-)

Renee Anne said...

That stupid rain (and the stupid rain going on right now)...it wasn't anything like storms we got in the Midwest but that wind was wicked the other morning.

December is a bit hectic for us because we're heading back to Wisconsin for a wedding next weekend, then we have Christmas, and then a couple days after Christmas we pack up again for our week long cruise. ::sigh:: Luckily, my Christmas knitting is done and, for the most part, wrapped. I need to find time to ship it across the country...which should be fine.

Oh, and the Badgers are going to the Rose Bowl again :)

Jocelyn said...

Awww, you're all immersed in the spirit of the season. I'm so jealous! Somehow I don't feel it yet. I hope it comes soon though.

So far have been busy at work and other stuff, not a lot of knitting happening here either. Or dyeing for that matter.