Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Reentry isn't easy.

As amazing as vacation was, reentry has been an adjustment. My energy is nowhere near 100%, so that doesn't help either. I still have lots to share about my trip to San Diego and TNNA, but I thought I'd first share what was keeping me busy since I've been home.

First things first. This past weekend was my niece's baptism and it was a perfect day (well, except for my 49ers losing and all, but I'm trying to move past that). Most of these pictures my sister-in-law took and they turned out amazing! Thanks sis!



Magpie was enamored with the Bishop's hat. She's here with her godparents.

She's wearing the christening gown my grandma, Mimi, and Cotty picked out for us three kids to wear for our baptisms. I thought she looked like a Downton Abbey baby, right?

She was such a happy baby during most of the ceremony, I just had to include this picture.


Me and the not so lil guy!

I don't know if any of you remember the little vest I knit for his baptism way back when, but my sister sure did (e.g., "Um....you did knit him something special....."). I kept telling her it probably wasn't going to happen since I can't seem to finish any knitting lately.

But Thursday night I thought, what the heck. Let's see. Plus, I really wanted to cast on the new skein of Anzula Dreamy that I bought at Sample-It at TNNA (new colorway gravity matches the dress just perfectly!).


Friday night she tried to cheer auntie on. Seriously, this is how it looked Friday night. See, not much further than Thursday night.

But here we were Saturday night. I stopped at a decent hour and opted for a "shrug" look.

Ta-da! Worth it, right?! Plus I may even use this as a new design.....see the Cotty pattern in there? What do you think? I purposely avoided the picots because you know, some of you don't like them (I know, crazy, right?).


Such a big poofy dress! My sister and I laughed because Miss Magpie is almost 3 months old and this is only the 2nd time she has worn a dress (the other dress was a Notre Dame one!).

A few other distractions last week that made reentry a little easier....

Seriously cute Puddles!


Lovely evenings for softball, though we do desperately need the rain.


Tea time!

I even had a chance to list my new design, Silver and Bold. It's on sale so be sure to check it out.

Next post will be more vacation fun! It was so great to catch up with friends in San Diego (and new yarn!).

Happy Knitting!
xoxo Irishgirlieknits


dianne said...

Seriously sweet sweater! You are amazing to pull that out of your head in just a couple of days!

Renee Anne said...

That is an adorable sweater :) And really, the picot edging would look lovely but it takes up a ton of time and yarn...and you wanted it done. So done it got!

Also, I was just thinking I should email you...

elns said...

Definitely a Downton baby. She really is adorable. But that sweater is gorgeous. Great job!

Ruth said...

All of those things together would be nothing but a win, win win! Adorable baby and pup, lovely knitting, scones and tea.....hope the rest of it is half as good.

Amy S said...

I love how Magpie's shrug turned out - you did such an awesome job! And... look at you completing it in such a short turn around so you can't say that you can't complete anything any longer. You're coming back full steam and it's awesome.

Magpie is beautiful and she sure did look like she was ready for the Dowager Countess - and I know she would have approved of her too.