Saturday, July 10, 2010

Evidence of Knitting

There has been some knitting around here. Even though it seems like forever since I've blogged about some actual knitting content!

First, Erica and I had a great time in Sandi Rosner's Winning Socks Class last weekend at Purlescence (she blogged all about it here). And I challenged myself to not only knit a wee sock toe-up (I've done that a few times), but to also use DPNs! I've used DPNs for hats and such, but I'm a magic loop girl when it comes to socks. I think I may actually challenge myself to knit a pair of socks using DPNs this wasn't as bad as I thought (and I really liked using Kollage's square needles!), and it may actually be easier to lever knit with them. I'll keep you posted.


The next knitting, well, technically it isn't mine.

STR Merrily Cowl

Erica started a Merrily Cowl while at sock camp using STR heavyweight in January One, and OMG!! I just love how drapey the cowl is in heavyweight (and we know I have plenty of that in my stash!!). I'm thinking of making one in Jabberwocky to get ready for fall!


I did finish my Sweet Home socks!! I heart them and Sock-a-licious together! The pattern is with my test knitters so I'm hoping it will be released in the next week or so!

Now off to see Despicable Me with Big and Lil Snowboarders!
Happy Weekend!
xoxo Irishgirlieknits


Erica said...

So glad you had success with the Square DPNs! I can't wait to see "Sweet Home" as a pattern available on Ravelry. It's a gorgeous design.

gMarie said...

Oh the pressure! I haven't even wound the yarn and I'm going to have to knit with the computer in my lap because I can't print :(

such is life - I won't whine too much since I get to knit a fabulous pattern. Love the cowl! g

dianne said...

You can knit a whole pair of socks with DPN's! I'm a magic loop girl for socks too but dh got me a set of sock sticks for my b-day. It was kind of fun to use them :-)

Rani said...

Double pointed needles. What are those. I think I saw some in a historical museum. Haha ha. Just kidding. I don't know where mine are! It's been that long.

Fun fun - and the cowl looks lovely on you, darling. Yes yes. Knit one for Fall.

Zonda said...

Can't wait to see Sweet Home, well you know the photo shoot ;)

I too love my ML, I do have some dpns but I may have to give the square ones a try.

Hope the movie was good, I want to see it soon too!

Lindsay said...

Ooo, I can't wait for the new pattern to come out! When I got Blackberry Brambles for the KAL I had the thought to knit through all your patterns. One day: ) Good luck with DPN's. I can't stand the things.

SissySees said...

If you and G agree, tell her to email me the pattern and I'll fax it to her Monday morning... ;)

I'm really, REALLY loving Cotty. I was able to squeak in a full repeat going and coming from the pig roast yesterday, and I actually pouted when we didn't stop by the firehouse last night because I had Cotty all ready to entertain me!

I've knitted socks with dpns before. For a while, I loyally followed the pattern as written, but I really do prefer Magic Loop.

Neuroknitter said...

That sock-a-licious yarn looks delish!! And those socks are lovely :)

Too funny, I was a dpn girl for years...and years...After getting turned on to the ML method I haven't gone back...I do miss using all those pretty wooden needles though!

Happy knitting!

Unknown said...

I like the feel of Kollage's square dpn's but they are a little short for me.

But I think they'll inform your sock knitting design more now that you've knit a sock, abeit a teeny-tiny one, on dpn's.