Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Highlights

A few highlights from this crazy-fun knitterly weekend!


An adorable project bag and a new "test" yarn from Malabrigo, both of which I picked up at Imagiknit last Saturday! Considering all the gorgeous yarns in that shop, I thought I was very restrained.


Then Erica and I had a quick coffee with Stephen! Our timing was perfect and it was so great to catch up with Stephen, even if it was too quick!

Then we headed over to Sausalito!




It felt like we were a million miles away, even though we were just relaxing on the sailboat and knitting!

Then yesterday Cupcakefaerie took us to A Verb for Keeping Warm. Oh my goodness! Just about the prettiest stuff, displayed so beautifully!


I was tempted by quite a few things, but I walked away with just one pretty pretty skein.

A skein of Annapurna, with just enough cashmere to make me smile :) I reassured myself that I could always get more once I knit this up.

Then off to visit Article Pract and Bakesale Betty's.

Three words. Chicken Fried Sandwich. OMG. I'd always heard about these. I've even been to Bakesale Betty's quite a few times, but never had tried this before. It was delish!

Even more fun last night and today with Sandi Rosner and Purlescence Yarns....that's the next post!

Happy Weekend!
xoxo Irishgirlieknits


SissySees said...

What fun! Pretty fiber finds too.

Zonda said...

What a great week you are having!! :)

hearthead said...

Looks like fun!

KnittySue said...

What a wonderful, relaxing time :)

Bezzie said...

Cute bag and that sandwich--holy cow that looks good! Or should I say "holy chicken?"

Rani said...

You are always having so much fun! It inspires me to call my girlfriends and get out there.

By the way, that first picture of the bag . . . that is the same fabric I have hanging in my downstairs bathroom for curtains!!! HA HA HA! I'll have to post a picture. Too funny.

weezalana said...

That sandwich looks YUM.

P.S. You look great, btw! :)

WonderMike said...

Lovely to meet you, Again! Your photographs of the day are beautiful... especially that Bakesale Betty sammich. YUM!