Sunday, May 22, 2011


distraction: a thing that prevents someone from giving full attention to something else

This arrived in my mail last week.


It was an evil attempt by Erica to distract me.  Shiny, brand-spankin' new, never seen before, not even yet listed in Raverly new yarn (as soon as it is listed, I'll let you know, promise.)  Kollage Yarns has a gorgeous new yarn.... Lofty.

So very, very, very lofty. And lovely.


In my absolute favorite color.  I think that was the evil part.  She knows me too well!  How can one not cast on with this immediately?!


Doesn't Erica know I have designs I have to knit?  Patterns to finish writing?  Why, oh, why does she attempt to distract me?!  All I want to do is knit this stuff up.  It would make a gorgeous Winter Wonder.  Or Snowboarder Hat that Rocks.  Or. or. many potentials!  100% Merino Wool, with a suggested gauge of 14 stitches = 4" on US 10.5 (6.5mm), you KNOW this would knit up so quickly.  A cabled hat is calling its name.  I know it.  Erica knows it.  Evil temptress. And in my favorite jewel-toned color, Seaport. 

But I resisted.  If only because I have a deadline looming. I'm not sure how much longer I can resist though.


I did finish the second Sunshine Yarns sock.

Any yarn or pattern distractions for you guys this past weekend?  If you need additional distractions, I love the Ravelry Roundup posts that have been happening on French Press Knits.  Although I don't want to be distracted more, I would love to hear what has been catching your eyes tell!

Happy Distraction-Free Knitting!!
xoxo Irishgirlieknits


Jocelyn said...

The blogs and Ravelry are distraction enough, not that I am complaining. That is lovely blue yarn!

neknitsandbeads said...

What a pretty color!

I've been working on my WendyKnits Mystery Shawl.

Anonymous said...

I had a distraction arrive in my mail last week as well. I've spent more time on Ravelry trying to find the perfect pattern for my distraction than any person really ought to. Especially when she is at work. Shh, don't tell my boss!

Renee Anne said...

As we're leaving for vacation this week, I needed to find some knitting that I knew would (1) not be fiddly for the car and (2) would take me awhile to do.

So...enter the Simple Skyp Socks in STR colorway Bella Coola. I CO last night so I wouldn't have to attempt to do it in the car.

I may bring another project besides the two pairs of socks (I'm working on finishing my basic socks, too)...but I don't know what. Something small and not fiddly. No cable needles or anything like that. I'm considering Little Man's blanket but I don't know...

Neuroknitter said...

What a lovely color! Whatever you design/knit from it should be called 'Distraction'!

We went to Astoria for the day and were totally distracted by the great Sunday Market they have there! I also pulled a shawl from the UFO pile to work on in the car!

Scrabblequeen said...

I've been doggedly looking away when those "distractions" pop up so that I can finish up my Sweet Homes for the KAL. Not looking, la la la la....:-)

Nartian knits said...

Is that Kollage yarn a single ply? Oh, evil temptress that is Erica! ;)

My latest temptation is my Cricket loom that I finally learned how to warp & weave on. So, so fun!