Friday, July 30, 2010


July is almost over?! Where did this month go! I promise there has been knitting, but it has been for a super secret project (I hope to be able to share the news in the next few weeks!). Every free minute has been spent knitting this project.

Well, except for last night and today. Lil' Snowboarder and I have been having fun!

First, we made these.


How could they not be good when you are adding melted butter and cinnamon sugar?


Then this afternoon, after Lil Snowboarder's third day of school, we celebrated with a drive to the coast. I warned her that it was going to be cold (summer here in the Bay Area), but she didn't care.




I had to practically pull her away when it was time to go. She's happy, but I was turning blue it was so cold :)

And I just had to share Jocelyn's Sweet Home socks...go look at how pretty they turned out and how her daughter is becoming the perfect sock model!

Oh, and have any of you checked out the new summer shows, Rizzoli & Isles and Covert Affairs? I've been enjoying them both. And I finally caught up on all the Mad Men previous seasons to be watching along this season. Love that show!

Now back to that secret knitting. Here's to a fabulous weekend ahead!
xoox Irishgirlieknits

Saturday, July 24, 2010

29 hours

Deadline knitting. Secret deadline projects have been my focus for the past two weeks, but my best friend's baby shower is today! Had to whip up something quick.

I cast on Thursday night around 8pm.

I was making pretty good progress on my lunch break at work Friday.
And then this happened.



IMAG0072 IMAG0075

I know what you're thinking Puddles, who took over my house?

IMAG0085 IMAG0087
Cupcakes. Its what aunties are for, right?

bedtime stories
At least I didn't have to read the bedtime story.
Knitting resumed at about 10pm and the vest was done at 1:00am.
29 fun-filled hours.


Then we were back at it bright and early to the farmer's market. They were happy, but man, Auntie Irishgirlie is exhausted!

Now I need to take a shower and get pretty for the baby shower!

Happy Weekend!!
xoxo Irishgirlieknits

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sweet Home


Sometimes all it takes is a simple name to inspire a design. Chateau, the colorway name of Kolláge Yarn's Sock-a-licious Yarn, made me think of lazy days on the porch of a beautiful southern home, with columns similar to those of Tara, sipping sweet tea.



A Southern home perhaps because the yarn arrived with a postmark from Alabama, home of Kolláge Yarns.


...Alabama...lace...columns...chateau...home...sweet home.

Pattern: Sweet Home

Yarn: Kollage Yarns, Sock-a-licious, colorway Chateau

Needles: US 1.5 (2.5mm)

Gauge: 32 sts. = 4" over st st

Size: adult women's medium and large

Finished measurements: 6¾" (7¾") unstretched (up to 8" (9") slightly stretched) foot circumference; 6¾" (5”) leg length

Notes: A cuff-down sock with written instructions that include charts specific to each size and are provided on the last page.

A very special thank you to my fabulous test knitters Jocelyn, Gaylen, and Madeleine! Tricia did a fabulous job on the impromptu photo shoot! And to Susie at Kollage for donating the yarn for them to knit with!

Happy Knitting! Its time for Sweet Tea!

xoxo Irishgirlieknits

Monday, July 19, 2010

In the Loop

Knitting has an image problem.

Some might say, right? I know before blogging and being active in my local stitch n bitch, I certainly had my stereotypes about knitting and knitters. I remember it was my sister who told my boyfriend that I knit. I had left that out for a good month or so. I didn't know what he would think. Now I can't even imagine not proclaiming that I am a knitter. Knitting is not just a hobby for me. Hobbies come and go, but knitting, I can't imagine not doing it. It is also the community of knitters that I can't imagine my life without.

Back to that image problem. That is the title of one of the essays in Jessica Hemmings' new book, In the Loop: Knitting Now.

In the Loop: Knitting Now explores the progression of knitting, a craft which has come a long way from its fuzzy image of thick socks, long shawls and embarrassing motifs on Christmas jumpers. The book maps knitting’s journey from solitary hobby for old maids to mainstream, contemporary trend.

When I was offered a chance to receive a preview copy of the book, I jumped at it. This isn't your typical knitting book filled with patterns. The book is a collection of essays written by a variety of voices: artist, academic, historian, librarian, and more. Essays that explore topics such as rethinking knitting and its image, activist knitting, narrative knits, and how knitting has progressed.

One thing I realized last year at both sock camp and Sock Summit, it was how much I did not know about the craft of knitting. But I do have an idea of where knitting is going. This book discusses this and so much more. Although I haven't read all of the essays, the ones I have read have been interesting and thought-provoking. This collection is informative and explores the diversity of knitting's current endeavors.

The images alone make this book worthwhile. It is a beautiful book, and the knits are beautiful, inspiring, creative. I could go on. I particularly enjoyed the artwork from the social activism essay. Here are just a few examples of the artwork contained within this book.

AMY TWIGGER HOLROYD OF KEEP & SHARE. Eugenia Dress, 2006. Cotton. Photograph by Meg Hodson.
AMY TWIGGER HOLROYD OF KEEP & SHARE. Gladys Cardi, 2007. 100 percent organic colour grown cotton. Photograph by
Meg Hodson.
AMY TWIGGER HOLROYD OF KEEP & SHARE. Who made this? Cardi, 2009. Found cardigan. Photograph by Meg Hodson.

LOUISE BOURGEOIS, Red Room (Child), 1994. Mixed media. Collection Musee d'Art Contemporain de Montreal. Photograph by Marcus Schneider.

If you are interested in learning more about the craft of knitting and how it is evolving, this is the book for you. I could see this being on the recommended reading list of a fashion institute type course.

Here's the best part. The publishers of the book, Black Dog Publishing, would like to offer all of my readers a 40% discount on all orders of this book! It retails for US $39.95. If you are interested, contact Jessica at and quote "We Do Not Have a Knitting Problem Offer" in the subject line and she will take care of your orders.

Something to think of the essays details the Knitting Collection held by the University of Southampton Library. Immediately I thought of my sock stash. If something should ever happen, my sister knows who to contact. However, can you imagine it being a collection on display......

Happy Knitting!

xoxo Irishgirlieknits

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Evidence of Knitting

There has been some knitting around here. Even though it seems like forever since I've blogged about some actual knitting content!

First, Erica and I had a great time in Sandi Rosner's Winning Socks Class last weekend at Purlescence (she blogged all about it here). And I challenged myself to not only knit a wee sock toe-up (I've done that a few times), but to also use DPNs! I've used DPNs for hats and such, but I'm a magic loop girl when it comes to socks. I think I may actually challenge myself to knit a pair of socks using DPNs this wasn't as bad as I thought (and I really liked using Kollage's square needles!), and it may actually be easier to lever knit with them. I'll keep you posted.


The next knitting, well, technically it isn't mine.

STR Merrily Cowl

Erica started a Merrily Cowl while at sock camp using STR heavyweight in January One, and OMG!! I just love how drapey the cowl is in heavyweight (and we know I have plenty of that in my stash!!). I'm thinking of making one in Jabberwocky to get ready for fall!


I did finish my Sweet Home socks!! I heart them and Sock-a-licious together! The pattern is with my test knitters so I'm hoping it will be released in the next week or so!

Now off to see Despicable Me with Big and Lil Snowboarders!
Happy Weekend!
xoxo Irishgirlieknits

Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Highlights

A few highlights from this crazy-fun knitterly weekend!


An adorable project bag and a new "test" yarn from Malabrigo, both of which I picked up at Imagiknit last Saturday! Considering all the gorgeous yarns in that shop, I thought I was very restrained.


Then Erica and I had a quick coffee with Stephen! Our timing was perfect and it was so great to catch up with Stephen, even if it was too quick!

Then we headed over to Sausalito!




It felt like we were a million miles away, even though we were just relaxing on the sailboat and knitting!

Then yesterday Cupcakefaerie took us to A Verb for Keeping Warm. Oh my goodness! Just about the prettiest stuff, displayed so beautifully!


I was tempted by quite a few things, but I walked away with just one pretty pretty skein.

A skein of Annapurna, with just enough cashmere to make me smile :) I reassured myself that I could always get more once I knit this up.

Then off to visit Article Pract and Bakesale Betty's.

Three words. Chicken Fried Sandwich. OMG. I'd always heard about these. I've even been to Bakesale Betty's quite a few times, but never had tried this before. It was delish!

Even more fun last night and today with Sandi Rosner and Purlescence Yarns....that's the next post!

Happy Weekend!
xoxo Irishgirlieknits

It is definitely not sock camp, but...

Wow, as event coordinator for KzooErica this past week, this week sure has a bit of camp feel to it.

She's been here just a week, and already we have..

... visited 6 yarns stores (one of them twice!).

... shopped at 2 farmer's markets.

... been to 3 cupcake stores. She's here for 3 more days and has requested that the bars to cupcakes stores ratio change. We haven't been to a bar yet.

... slept on a sailboat with 6 knitters.

... gone through every. single. skein. of. yarn. that I own. There are two huge bags of yarn waiting to be destashed!

... danced to the Glee performance of Lady Gaga's Bad Romance with Lil' Snowboarder way too many times. No, seriously, way too many times.

... shopped at the cutest to be candy store.

... eaten at least 8 meals where 3 or more knitters were present. Cupcakefaerie, SnBLeslie, and Cheekyattitude have been fabulous in the entertaining department.

... watched New Moon at least twice.

... watched Eclipse with 8 other knitters.

... attended a sock hop.

... knit just a single wee baby sock and maybe 2 inches on a current sock in progress. You would think all these knitters, more knitting would be done?!

I'm having a blast, but no wonder I'm tired.

I promise, blogging with pictures and yarn shall commence this week. Well, at least I hope so.

Happy Holiday Weekend!!
xoxo Irishgirlieknits