Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sweet Nothings....

A bit louder than a whisper, I've been hearing these things from a certain Snowboarder for the past month....

Madelinetosh Worsted, color Graphite, from Woolgirl (on sale this weekend too)

"I saw my yarn still in the basket. Does that mean you haven't started my hat yet?"

"I thought you said that hat only took you six hours or something."

"That's nice. Its not my hat, but its nice."

"Is that my hat you're working on? Oh."



Obviously, I caved. He still doesn't know it yet though.

Happy Knitting!

xoxo Irishgirlieknits

Friday, November 28, 2008

My Kind of Black Friday!


The annual Purlescence Pajama Jammie Sale! Arrive between 6-7am and you get 35% off pretty much everything (except BMFA)!! 7-8am 30% off, and it decreases throughout the day. Now that's my kind of sale!


They even smile at you when you arrive at 6:15am!!


Tapmouse got a pretty new bag!! Filled with yarn!! (and look at her cute Serendipity Socks!)


Cupcakefaerie, me, and Tapmouse all a glow with our recent yarn purchases

My partners-in-crime and I had a fabulous morning!! Yarn shopping was followed by yummy breakfast! The only thing missing was Nartian (don't worry, Tapmouse bought her a little something). I was quite proud of purchases were definitely under budget and mostly for gift knitting (okay, a skein of Casbah sock yarn snuck in my bag and one Hurdy Gurdy STR).

How did you all spend your Friday? Hope it was wonderful!

Happy Knitting!

xoxo Irishgirlieknits

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!!

A slightly smaller Thanksgiving this year! My great aunt Mimi has been down in the bay area this week and she has been spending it with Rowan and I (usually she stays at mom's house). Its been so nice to have her staying with us! We'll have dinner tonight with my mom and Snowboarder, and then I'll stop by my dad's to bring him leftovers :) Since there aren't as many of us this year, I don't need to do as much cooking. However, it'll be the first Thanksgiving I'll be making fish too (Snowboarder doesn't eat meat and I can't let him just eat all the fixin's even though he said that was fine....his mom always makes him fish too, so I've got to at least give it a try!).

And because I am thankful for all of you, I figured I'd share a recent stash enhancement from Purlescence.


l to r: STR lightweight, Heartstone, Oma Desala, Muckity Muck, 2 skeins of Luscious Silk in Jasper

Not sure what I will do with this yet, but isn't it gorgeous?!

Oma Desala

Probably one of my favorites from Tina's recent new colors.


You know its bad when I didn't buy this one the first time. I thought I already had it. But no. I have Heart Throb. So I went back to get this pretty the following week!
So I've got some cooking to do! Have a wonderful day everyone!! I'll be doing a wee bit of shopping tonight when Woolgirl's Black Friday sale starts at midnight PST and then Cupcakefaerie and I are meeting Tapmouse at the Purlescence Black Friday sale tomorrow morning around 6:15!!! 35% off everything (except BMFA) is pretty much the only thing that can get me out of bed that early!!
Happy Thanksgiving!!
xoxo Irishgirlieknits

Saturday, November 22, 2008


I heart fall!

I know our Northern California Fall is not much compared to other places (I miss fall in the midwest!) but we have been having some gorgeous weather and the leaves still have some color.

Embossed Leaves

I cast on these socks right when I got the yarn! Well, Woolgirl did enable me a bit! The color was telling me it needed to be a pair of Embossed Leaves.

I heart fall!

These are the trees across the street from our place. So pretty!

Embossed Leaves

Love the pretty star toes on these.

I heart Fall!

Want even prettier leaves? Go check out Neuroknitter's amazing photos! Can you see how she inspires me! I pre-wrote this post, then saw her post, and realized...her style is creeping into my subconcious! Lucky me!

Embossed Leaves

Pattern: Embossed Leaves

Yarn: Madelinetosh Sock, colorway Violin from Woolgirl (she's adding more Oxblood on Sunday too....that colorway is gorgeous!!)

Modifications: None. I love this pattern!

Now back to more holiday knitting. These may be the last socks I knit for me for the next month or so with the holiday knitting I'm attempting to do. Although, I may just may cast on the new STR Rockin' Sock Club sock when I get it! I peaked, its gorgeous!

Happy Knitting!!

xoxo Irishgirlieknits

Friday, November 21, 2008

It is not mine. I swear.

Definitely not mine :(

Its Pashyknits' newest sock yarn purchases. Swooooon. She was in the Bay Area for some work and fun (we work together; technically she's the money boss). And being a good knitster friend, she brought some yarny goodness to show me! Quite a few pretties I'd never touched before! Too many to name, but all quite gorgeous!


She also brought one her cute hats to show! I can't remember the pattern, and goodness knows she hasn't put it on her projects page on ravelry! But notice it matches her hair! Love it!

Not mine

What was that? You want to see more yarny goodness. Here are some of my faves.....they all had some cashmere in them...yum yum.


Another fabulous hat. Koolhaas. Oh, and you get a peek at the office :) Note the "How are you feeling today?" poster on the right....hehehe...I love my kids!

It was great visiting with Pashy! I wish we lived closer (and not just so that I could raid her sock yarn stash!). But, not sure how much work we would ever get done...we'd be distracted by the yarn fumes!

I can't believe this week has flown by! I do have a FO to show tomorrow!

Happy Friday!

xoxo Irishgirlieknits

Sunday, November 16, 2008

I Heart Edward

Edward Cullen that is. I know some of you heart him too. How could one not? I just discovered his love this past weekend, as I was engulfed in Twilight. Shhhh!! Don't tell me too much, I'm moving on to New Moon tonight.


More Toasty

My other new love was the perfect compliment to reading. Mindless, easy knitting. But now I'm ready for something else. Maybe this? Or this? Or these? These would need to wait, as I'd definitely want them for me! These would be easy with my reading too. We'll see. For now, I better keep working on Dad's scarf.

Then tonight, after dinner, I have a date. With Edward. Sorry Snowboarder :)

Happy Knitting!
xoxo Irishgirlieknits

Saturday, November 15, 2008

A perfect day for...

.....chasing leaves.

Leaf Chaser

It is a gorgeous Saturday here in the Bay Area, and Puddles loves, just loves, to walk to the pile of leaves and stare at me until I either throw them in the air for her or kick them around.

I heart leaves

She lifts her front paw and waits. Ready to pounce on the helpless leaves.


And to get this smile? All I have to do is hold up a leaf. She sits like a good girl waiting for me to throw it!

Happy Saturday!!
xoxo Irishgirlieknits

Thursday, November 13, 2008

I have a new love...


....and it is not pinecones. Goodness, I don't know if I can part with these. They were meant to be a gift. I see many more in my future, regardless.

Stay Toasty!!

xoxo Irishgirlieknits

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

WIP Wednesday: The Gift Giving Edition


I've been trying to plug away on my dad's scarf! This is his father's day scarf from June, so I figure I should finish this before Christmas?! I absolutely love it, but I'm distracted by socks and such. I'm about 1/3 of the way through this.


Its a fairly easy cable pattern (more details on that in the future, I modified a stitch pattern and love it). Maybe by posting this here it'll give me a bit more motivation to get this finished. And look at that pretty sunlight in the background. It was a lovely day today, but I didn't realize it until about 4pm. I had a horrible migraine today and was in bed most of the day. But at least I was home when the sun was out to take some pictures :)


I sure do like stash diving! I've been going through my stash to see what a I really need, what I have too much of, and doing a bit of destashing. I couldn't part with this pretty yarn that I purchased last year on our trip to Boston. Its Green Mountain Spinnery Mountain Mohair. I LOVE IT!! Oh, a sweater out of this would be heavenly!

And this isn't a WIP anymore! Lookie!

Thank you everyone for all the tips and suggestions on blogging topics for the next few weeks! They are all awesome (well, except for Ilikecake's suggestion of belly dancing photos...not! unless she wants me to take the pics of her...hehehehehehe...btw, we are loving our class!)! I really appreciate all the suggestions!! And our lucky winner is.....

Teen Knitter!!!

Congratulations!! I've contacted you over on ravelry to let you know that you won!! Your sock yarny goodness will be on its way to you soon! And for those who didn't win, no blogiversary is coming we'll have more free yarn!!

Happy Knitting!!

xoxo Irishgirlieknits

p.s. what do you all think of the new blog layout? I'm not sure....

Monday, November 10, 2008


Happy Monday everyone!! I miss y'all!! I'm in the midst of holiday knitting and need some help...

How the heck do I keep this here blog interesting for the next few weeks while I knit away frantically on the Christmas gifts?? Unlike years past, my gift receivers are getting sneaky and checking the blog more frequently?! WTF?!?? I thought I was safe casting on that cute little toe last week as my sister has not checked out the blog in awhile...and then that day she comments?!?! Don't worry, that sock is now dedicated to someone else!

So....let's have a little contest, shall we? I know that's one way to keep this here blog interesting. The prize. Sock yarn. Not sock yarn that rocks as I'm saving that for my upcoming blogiversary, but pretty pretty sock yarn nonetheless.

Here are the rules:

Leave me at least one fabulous idea of how to keep the blog interesting for the next four weeks! And leave a favorite blog that you enjoy reading (you know, when you get bored with this one....hehehehehe hopefully not).

I'll pick a winner Wednesday night, when I'm hoping to at least post pictures of the scarf that I'm working on for Dad. Its his Father's Day gift (from last June?!).

In the meantime....look at this pretty Miss Babs Yummy Sock yarn that Zknitter surprised me with! I have the best knitty friends!!

Miss Babs Yummy

Note: This is soooo not the prize. Its mine. Even my sister tried to steal it for her socks. But this pretty is mine, all mine :)

Happy Contest!!

xoxo Irishgirlieknits

Thursday, November 6, 2008

A First...

a first

After 36 pairs of socks, my first toe-up sock. I loved Neuroknitter's and Tiennie's Anastasia Socks so much that I just had to cast on. I wound the yarn. Got the pattern out. All ready to go and then I realized they were toe-up (but why? I thought). I stared at the pattern for awhile, then went to find my notes on Judy's magic cast-on that I learned at camp, and well.....look at that pretty toe!

Happy almost Friday!

xoxo Irishgirlieknits

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Rock the Vote!!


Get out there today and......


Yes We Can!

xoxo Irishgirlieknits

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Did someone say cashmere?

Mama Blue Socks

I am in love with my new socks! The color, the pattern, the yarn, the feel...could it really be that 10% cashmere in the Mama Blue Troika Sock yarn? Who knows...but I should do love these!


I'm pretty sure you all would love this sock yarn too. And fortunately, she is a a big update next Friday! Mark your calendars :) Sign up for her newsletter or visit her ravelry group for details!


Pattern: Hedera by Cookie A. (btw, have you seen her previews for her upcoming book! Nartian has info on her blog...go check it out!)

Yarn: Mama Blue Troika Sock, colorway Bramble

Mods: None. Pattern was easy to memorize

Happy Weekend!

xoxo Irishgirlieknits