Friday, August 31, 2007

YPF! The New York Edition- Part II

After my fabulous yarn purchases at School Products in New York, Rowan and I headed to The Point. Still on my cashmere high, I showed some restraint here although I loved this perfect blend of yarn store and cafe. Rowan relaxed with a tea while I shopped. In the sale basket, for 70% off, I found the last three skeins of Punta Del Este Yarns Mericash Solid in chocolate brown and blue. So my colors.

80% merino, 20% cashmere means soft soft soft. Probaby will be a scarf of some sort, but I couldn't resist all three for $15 total (which is still less than what just one skein at $17 costs!).

Later we headed to Purl and Purl Patchwork. I love the yarns that Purl carries and I'm fortunate that there are a few LYS here that carry similar yarns. However, there were a few that caught my eye and I took home with me. Here are two skeins of O-Wool Classic 2-Ply. The color is a bit more muted than it appears here. A perfect DK weight for socks or maybe something for Little Guy. I think Disco bought this same yarn in a different color when she was there a few weeks ago too.

I couldn't resist the softness of Pear Tree Australia's Knitting Yarn in the light worsted weight. The colorway is grass (again, wonky camera tonight doesn't do the pale green color any justice).

100% merion wool but it is so soft it reminds me of alpaca. I can't wait to knit this up. I was thinking something for Hot Mama's little baby on the way maybe. Rowan bought three different colors of this yarn in the heavy worsted to make a scarf and hat too (told you she got bit by the knitting bug!).

I also bought some fabric at Purl Patchwork, but I'm hoping to get lots of crafting done this weekend so keep an eye out for it in a future FO maybe?! Or maybe that's wishful thinking for my weekend. We'll see.

Happy Weekend!!!!
xoxo Irishgirlieknits

Monday, August 27, 2007

That Sneaky Girl!!

I'll start by saying that I had planned to post this today. Now wait. I know you think it is just one of these cool interchangeable needle cases.

And it certainly opens up and begins to look like one.
However, before I discovered the joys of the interchangeable needles, I invested quite a bit of yarn money into what now seems like every circular needle imaginable. Ta-da! Organized!
I've had "most" of my needles is a big zipper tote in their packaging, and a few randoms around the house. Now, they are all neatly stored in their assigned pockets :) I LOVE IT!!!

And of course, it still matches my fabulous tote!! Thank you Zknitter! I've had the case for awhile but the organization of my circular needles daunted me. I no longer fear them! I hope you have them available in your soon-to-be etsy store!! Here's where you can get the latest info on how to order one.

So you see. That was my post. Of course, then my Rut-Busting Sock Swap Secret Pal package arrived today!! And, my pal has been fabulous for the past month. I had guessed it might be Zonda or someone familiar, but with all my might, she wouldn't give it up (I thought I made a really good effort to trick her/coerce/bribe her with STR...but to no avail). I was almost positive it was her after reading her post yesterday!

She even fudged the return address a bit on the package??!!! What's up with that?? But I still figured it out correctly!! Because look what she made me!!!!

I was so freakin' excited just with this project bag! Seriously, that would have been enough for me! Look how perfectly my new WIP fits in there. If these are in the new shop, Rowan is already eyeing my project bag!!

But the spoilage does not stop there! Zonda spoiled me to bits!!!!!!!!! A Lush bath bomb (she knows its one of my new favorite things!), Socks that Rock!!!! (Socktopus...I love love love that colorway!!), More Sensational Knitted Socks (which I've really been wanting!!!! I think my next pair of socks may be from this), and more!

That gorgeous Twisted yarn is sooooo my colors! Its the exact yarn to make Carolina, one of the great patterns from Socktopia that I have yet to try (but will definately be casting on soon!).

And finally, probably my favorite item besides my project bag is the washcloth that Zonda made for me! Pink and colors exactly (did you see those monkey socks!). And to think Zonda finished this while she wasn't feeling well this past week! Knittyheads are the absolute best!! Thank you thank you thank Z!!!!

All I can say is that she is one sneaky girl! And I can't believe she kept the secret that long!!

Happy Monday indeed!!!

xoxo Irishgirlieknits

Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Monkeys!

Not your average circus animal socks! You can have a cookie, but not my monkey socks!
The fabulous colorway is Neopolitan by Union Center Knits in fingering weight that I purchased at Woolgirl. The yarn is sooooooo soft!

I followed Cara's modications and added the picot edge, and did five leg repeats (instead of six). I love the picot edge and I still love this pattern!

Bailey jumped into the photo shoot. Maybe she wanted to show off her new haircut.

Speaking of Woolgirl, its official! I might have a Woolgirl problem :) Of course, rather than call it a "problem" she calls it the "Wooly Woolgirl Frequent Shopper Club!" And look at the goodies that are included, for FREE with your 7th purchase.

I love it all! Inside the cute brown bag is a fabulous smelling handmade soap! And that yarn...gorgeous!! So, go order away!!! You know you want too!!

And I'm still catching up on my blog-reading and comments from my vacations and crazy busy week at work. A few answers to some recent questions.... Disco...the Donegal Cashmere did come in Navy, and that lonely skein was a last minute toss in (because how could I not have the blue!). Turtle asked about Spamalot. I enjoyed it more than I thought, considering I'm not all that familiar with Monty Python. I would definately recommend it, especially since you like Monty. Of course, Wicked is one of my absolute favorites, which is why we saw it again, so that would also be on my Must List!

Have a great week!!!

xoxox Irishgirlieknit

Friday, August 24, 2007

YPF: The New York Edition

One of my favorite stores in New York City was School Products. In addition to having every Karabella yarn imaginable, because of their connections in Italy the owners are able to get discount cashmere that is leftover from the designers (e.g., Armani, Gucci). I'm paraphrasing from my wonderful conversation with the owner's husband. He was so helpful in showing me his favorites, telling me more about the store, etc.

My favorite yarn, and the one I bought a lot of (let's just say Dad, Rowan, Snowboarder, me, etc. are all getting gorgeous hats for the holiday!) was the Donegal Cashmere.

The colors I took home with me.

And I couldn't resist taking a picture of the wall of Karabella Aurora yarns! After all, its my yarn nickname :) That's not even all of the colors.

The surprise Rowan has for everyone (especially Kim...are you reading??!!!!)....a mini-miracle happened in New York! Rowan was inspired to pick up her knitting needles (yes, she knits. literally, only knits. does not know how to purl. well, up until Monday she did not know how to purl, but she even asked me to teach her to purl at the airport?!). She finally finished the hat she has been working on for the past year or two!

I had her do a photo shoot in Central Park. She also bought some of the above Donegal Cashmere and some additional yarn at Purl Soho (seriously, for someone who has only known the knit stitch for the past five years, her stash is very very nice). She even has packed another project for our weekend visiting my Great-Aunt in Reno this weekend! Go Rowan!!

Happy Weekend!!

xoxox Irishgirlieknits

Thursday, August 23, 2007

New York! New York!

A few pictures of our trip to New York! Other than spending a quick day in the city 11 years ago, this was my first time to NYC! Rowan and I had the best weekend ever!

Fabulous fabulous fabulous fabulous fabulous fabulous! I'm not sure if I could pick a favorite, maybe a few. I loved them all! We are such broadway junkies....makes me miss London's West End.

Serendipity frozen hot chocolate....deeeelish!!!

The Met. Amazing.

School Products. Wow!! Definately more details to come. My favorite!!!

Beautiful Central Park.

The Starry Night. At the MoMA. Loved. I must say, I'm not typically a "take pictures of art in museums" kind of girl, but I just wanted to have a picture of this one. One of my favorites. Could have looked at it for quite awhile (you know, me and the gazillion other people staring at it).

A few more highlights (Rowan has a big surprise for everyone! You will all be proud of her!) to come later after I recover from this sleep deprivation/jet lag. Working late two nights in a row doesn't help. Back to reality.

I will say going from New Orleans to New York City was quite an experience, if not almost an adjustment of sorts. The laid back style of New Orleans to the crowded streets of Manhattan. Its been a fabulous week or two. I'm glad you all enjoyed the pictures from New Orleans (seriously, love my job sometimes!)...its one of my favorite cities. I'm adding New York City to the list.

Happy Knitting!!

xoxox Irishgirlieknits

Friday, August 17, 2007

YPF! The New Orleans Edition

Inside the cutest packaging in the world (its like mardi gras, but for your yarn!), is some gorgeous koigu I bought from the Quarter Stitch. The store is a quaint store in the heart of the French Quarter with a great supply of koigu.
I couldn't resist this colorway. Forgive me, the yarn is unpacked somewhere, but I'm trying to post "early" so I don't know which colorway this is (more details to come if you want).

Despite the over 100 degree weather in New Orleans with humidity, this put me in the mood for fall!!

xoxo Irishgirlieknits

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

VIP...Vacation in Progress

No WIP today...just some Vacation in Progress pictures as I transition from my business/a little bit of fun New Orleans trip to vacation New York City!!! Just home in time to unpack, throw in a load of laundry, give Snowboarder a hug, say hi to the doggies, post some pics, pack, sleep for a few hours (I hope!) and then get on a plane to yarn and musical and lots of other things heaven with Rowan for a few days of fun!!!

Jackson's Square

Commandor's Palace Restaurant


Lafayette Cemetary

Garden District homes

Do you know what it means to miss New Orleans?

xoxox Irishgirlieknits

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Booties that Rock!

Pattern: Stay-On Baby Booties from Knitting for Baby

Yarn: Socks that Rock, lightweight

Colorway: Spot Rock One
Suprisingly, another colorway that wasn't quite me, but that I knew would be perfect for a baby whose mom is a little bit goth, little bit punk. I wish I had taken a picture of the skein before I wound it because I thought it would be much "brighter" with the purples and yellow. Instead, the green seems to balance out the brights. It was definately a hard color to capture, but I love it! So glad that there is plenty left over for mini-Monkeys!

One more day of work, then on to Bourbon Street I go!!! Thank you all for the wonderful compliments about the dream swatch!! It must be that humid, southern weather that made me glow :)

Happy Beignets!! xoxo Irishgirlieknits

Friday, August 10, 2007

Dream Swatch

Finally completed. In Artyarns Regal Silk. Introducing the Dream Swatch (finally!).
The end of the directions read:
"Weave in ends.
Steam lightly to block.
Be fabulous (because you know you are)."
What do you think? I think if you're a Bay Area girl and just came back from a "work" dinner at Commander's Palace, you certainly feel fabulous!
xoxo Irishgirlieknits

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

WIP: The New Orleans Edition

I leave Thursday morning for my work trip to New Orleans (my fourth trip since Katrina, I'd been three times before that). And I have some packing done. The important part of course.

Its a mini-yarn-mardi gras! Doesn't that just make you want to party! It seems like a lot, I'm actually hoping I'll finish four of those six (yikes!) projects. The new cast ons include Monica for a nine-month old, so I'm hoping that will be a quick knit and that's STR Spot Rock One for Baby Booties that Rowan "commissioned." I figured I can eek out a pair of booties, and a pair of mini-monkeys :)

I usually get lots of knitting done on the long plane rides and the first few nights that I'm not staying actually in the French Quarter (e.g., I'll be working Friday-Monday). I'm also hoping to finally finish the dream swatch (I think that poor thing was cursed by being cast on at the emergency room back in May on the day from hell, but I shall persevere! its a scarf?!) and the practically matching, fabulously cute mini-monkeys! And I just have to bring Tuscany and Tomato because, well, that's what I really want to be working on! Tomato has made no progress and I probably shouldn't bring it because I have so much already, but I'm worried it will become a UFO if I'm not careful. And yes, I realize I have WAY overthought my knitting packing. That's why its my passion :)

And speaking of Mardi Gras, as I was taking pictures, I realized my prize from Turtlegirl's Fabulous Contest just screams "I want to be a Mardi Gras Jaywalker Scarf!" Those colors are perfect! It might be a perfect scarf for one of my colleagues in New Orleans :) Thank you Cristi! I love it!

MMMMM....can't wait to have a praline and some sweet tea and yummy southern cookin' (okay, and the drive-thru daiquiri shop isn't a bad idea either!)!

Happy Travels! xoxo Irishgirlieknits