Monday, August 6, 2007

Sockapalooza Socks that Really Rock!!

I am the happiest girl in town tonight!! Look at these gorgeous socks that Reggie, my Sockapalooza Pal, made for me!! Say it with me everyone, these socks ROCK!! She really overwhelmed me with how perfect these are for me! And, after reading her blog, she put so much thoughtfulness into deciding what pattern, yarn, etc., for my socks that I just don't have words to express my thanks!! They fit perfectly too!The pattern is Waving Lace from the Favorite Socks book, and the yarn is STR Midsummer's Night (one of my favorite colorways!). I used it in my Blanket that Rocks and was recently thinking of ordering some to make socks. Not necessary now.

Reggie also included lots of other goodies! After I called Rowan and told her all about the socks (I love sisters, but sometimes I wonder if she just tunes out now that I talk about knitting...she said Sockapalooza Pal? What's that? Seriously!! Doesn't she remember me being a bit sad sending off my socks?!), I opened up the box to discover the cutest notepads (that's David from No David! One of my favorite kid books- its a staple at work for social groups!), a shawl pin, nylon for reinforcing dad's socks, a postcard from her town that's already on the fridge, and...that's right...I see you drooling over it...her own HANDSPUN ANGORA!!! How cool is my pal!!

Here's a close up of her handspun. It is soooooooo soft!! Thank you thank you Reggie!!

To be honest, as excited as I was to be part of the 1000 paloozers, I am still new to the sock knitting love and was a bit sad to send away my socks to my pal (thank goodness she loves them!). It made me wonder if I would do it again next year (is that selfish??). But I take it all back now! Having someone knit socks for me is so worth it!!!! Okay, enough exclamation all get it. I'm a happy girl.

Oops. I almost forgot. Thank you all for your wonderful comments on my Embossed Leaves socks and my cute new shoes. Maybe another reason why I love my sockapalooza socks is that they match the other pair of Mary Janes I got (sale!).

And its still a bit chilly here in Northern California, so I still haven't taken my socks off!

Happy Sockapalooza!! xoxoxo Irishgirlieknits


Zonda said...

Those are gorgeous!! They look perfect with your "other" MJanes too! Lovely handspun and other goodies too!

Anonymous said...

You are killing me with the shoes!
I must get some.

Are they the Calista ones?

Isobel said...

I love the socks and the colour, they look lovely on your feet? Are you going to keep your angora in the freezer?

Stilaholic Nartian knits said...

You got a great Sockapalooza pal! Love your Waving Lace socks.

eve said...

Wonderful socks - just as beautiful as those I got ;-))


tiennie said...

Those socks do rock! Love the shoes!

Jennifer said...

Yummy socks!! And cute shoes!