Sunday, February 26, 2012

Quick Stitches

Courtesy of the pictures on the iPad, courtesy of a tired girlie.

My first purchase from my favorite LYS, A Verb for Keeping Warm. Lace weight?! this is going to be fun, I think!

Treats for my IGK meet & greet at Knitted Wit's booth. So nice to meet a few of you and help Marcy pick out pretty pretty sweater yarn!

The wonderful Anna Zilboorg was doing a book signing in the Blue Moon booth. She also shared with us some of her new designs that incorporate embroidery and they are stunning! And that is the awesome Debbi standing next to Anna....I heart her to bits!

My favorite purchase of the day were these gorgeous earrings by Romi!

My favorite tip of the day...the awesome Carson Demers showing me the proper way to walk with one crutch. My knee will be sooooo much happier thanks to him! Thank you Carson!

One more day of fun! I promise to share a bit more when I'm not exhausted :)

Happy Stitches!!
Xoxo Carrie

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Time for Stitches Fun!

I can't believe Stitches is here! I look forward to this event every year since it is right in my own backyard!  I'm not going to let these crutches stop me from having fun!  As always, you'll find me hanging out in the Blue Moon booth.  But I'll also be having a special Meet & Greet at Knitted Wit's booth on Friday (see info below).  

I've made a mental list of potential yarns I'm looking forward to seeing too!  My shopping list is below as well!

Santa Clara Convention Center, CA

Come by and say hi at the Irish Girlie Knits Meet & Greet!!
Where: Knitted Wits Booth #1041
When: Friday, Feb. 24 12-1pm

There will be candy and buttons so please stop by and say hi!  

Lorajean, the dyer behind Knitted Wit, has fabulous yarns and colorways!  She also carries all of my Irish Girlie Knits designs AND you can sign up for her new yarn club, Among Friends, for which I will be designing for!
 My patterns can also be found at the following retailers at Stitches:

Miss Babs Booth #826, 925
Kollage Yarns Booth #620, 622, 624
Blue Moon Fiber Arts Booth #522, 621
My mental shopping list....
1) A Verb For Keeping Warm- one of my favorite LYS and I just wish Kristine's lovely store was a bit closer.  She's been posting some gorgeous colors and I can't wait to see them!  I'll also be picking up a copy of Ysolda's new Whimsical Little Knits 3 book and probably a shawl pin from Romi.

2) Cocoknits- I met Julie at TNNA and fell in love with her knitted necklaces.  I'm picking up the pattern for me and Disco while I'm here!

3) Fickleknitter Designs- Michelle's designs just inspire! And she has been so supportive to me as I try to navigate my way in this designing world.  I don't think I'll be able to resist her Ballerina Shawl, out of Knitted Wit's yarn!  I'm so thrilled that Michelle will also be designing for the Among Friends Club.  I really feel among friends :)

4) Sock yarn.  I know I have a problem.  You know I have a problem.  I have a hard time resisting it all online.  In person.  Where I can touch it.  WHere the gorgeous colors leap out at me.  I am weak.  It is my birthday month.  Here's some that I am really, really looking forward to:

So what's on your list??

Happy Stitches!!
xoxo Irishgirlieknits

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Now that's better.

I'll admit that when I am designing, unless I'm at the easy, not thinking part of the design, my overall knitting production slows down.  I'll find myself watching tv without knitting in my hands because the project I'm working on isn't in quite the right spot.  This past December, I took a lot of my lingering, long overdue, UFOs off the needles as they were either not satisfying or just not right.  So I haven't had an easy go to project on the needles for the past month or so.

Well, I fixed that yesterday.

Cotty Love

Cotty socks.  Thought it was about time I joined my own KAL!  Cutiepatootie's mom requested another pair of socks.  Hopefully I get these done by her birthday.  In June. hehehe

Do you have an easy, on the go project always on the needles?  I think I need to start keeping one of these on the needles.  But only one.  More than that at it just gets added to the pile of UFOs.  We'll see how I do with these socks :)

Happy knitting!
xoxo Irishgirlieknits

Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Perks

There certainly are a few perks to this knee surgery/recovery thing.  Lots of rest and elevating my knee has meant lots of time hanging out in my room, catching up on all the TV I've missed, watching Downton Abbey over and over, and tons of doggie snuggles.

Seriously.  I think the doggies are so excited to have me home so much.  They've even been posing for pictures I think.

Bailey Boo


Another perk definitely has to do with the extra help I've been getting. I've been staying at my dad's while I've been recovering and he has been awesome about bringing me ice, food, etc. It was nice today to have the energy to be able to walk a bit and so I made him homemade chocolate chip cookies. Well, technically he hinted how nice it would be if "someone" could make them :)  And although I dread going to the grocery store on crutches by myself, when I have gone, everyone has always been so helpful :)

Last week I did a photo shoot for a few upcoming patterns and my friends were absolutely amazing with helping me!  I couldn't quite get to everywhere we were taking the pictures, so Cupcakefaerie was able to do the styling and primping.  Of course, they did tease me when I hobbled over to fix one or two things.  Thayer was fabulous as usual, but the weather turned during our shoot and it was quite cold.  Check out the gorgeous model trying to keep warm in between wardrobe changes :)


She looks fabulous even in this Shabby Chic look!

The other perk is more knitting time.  I've been able to decrease the pain meds that make me so sleepy, so I'm actually getting some time to knit!!  Remember that design I showed you the other day?  Somehow it flew off the needles and I finished it yesterday.  I'm so excited with how this turned out.

Coming Soon!

Recognize that lace edging?  Yes, it is the one featured in the Blathnat socks.  I've been thinking about this since I first cast on the socks and I'm so glad it turned out the way it did.  I didn't expect it to knit up so quickly either.  All I need to do is finish writing up the pattern and get it to test knitters now!  Oh, and if you haven't downloaded the Blathnat socks, please do so before the end of the month.  Come March it will no longer be offered for free as the KAL wraps up.

I was excited to use my new blocking wires that I bought from Inspinknity for my birthday.  They were fabulous, by the way!  Michelle, of Fickle Knitter Designs, recently did a great tutorial on blocking lace shawls if you need a quick reference. 

I also took some time to finish adding my patterns to Craftsy, a new website that is a bit like ravelry but for all crafts (e.g., sewing, quilting, jewelry-making).  The site offers classes too.  I recently signed up for Laura Nelkin's Lace Shawls class.  Now I just need some time to watch it!

Despite these perks, I can't wait to get rid of these crutches!!  Slowly but surely is my plan.  This week I was able to go to the pool to start some rehab.  Walking in the pool for just 20 minutes exhausted me.  I can't wait to be able to swim again and I certainly won't take for granted the journey to get back to that once I can. 

Sunday is my sister's birthday, so can you all help me wish IrishDaisy a happy happy birthday?!  The rest of the weekend will involve pattern writing and last minute prepping for Stitches West!!!  More about that next week.

Happy Weekend!!
xoxo Irishgirlieknits

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


I'll admit.  Balancing on these crutches has created some new obstacles, particularly in the amount of things I can carry.  I've been known to carry way too many bags at one time (e.g., workout bag, knitting bag, purse, groceries, all on one trip in from the car) and that just can't happen with these darn crutches.  I'm being good and limiting myself to my Namaste Backpack and maybe, just maybe one other bag such as my lunch bag or something.


Of course, that means that when I need both my camera and my current knitting project to catch a photo in the limited sunlight when I get home from work, I don't seem to have them both.  And going upstairs can be daunting at the end of the work day (who knew crutches would tire me out so much).  But today I planned ahead.  I sacrificed the lunch bag for the knitting bag and camera!  Don't worry, I still ate, just didn't bring the bag.  It is amazing what can fit in the Namaste Backpack :)

Birthday Needles

With just a bit of sunlight left when I got home, I took a quick picture of my current project. A new design featuring the lovely new Dreamy yarn by Anzula. It is soooooooo easy to knit with this yarn because it is beyond soft. Dreamy.  A blend of merino, cashmere, and silk.  I think I may need another skein of this next week at Stitches West!

You may also notice those shiny, pointy Signature Needles.  A birthday treat to myself!!  So this project is seriously flying between the yarn and the new needles. 

What do you guys have on your needles this week?  I'd love to hear!

Happy knitting!
xoxo Irishgirlieknits

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentines Day

Wishing you a day of love!
xoxo Irishgirlieknits, Bailey & Puddles

Friday, February 10, 2012

{this moment}

{this moment} A Friday ritual. A single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember. If you're inspired to do the same, visit SouleMama leave a link to your 'moment' in the comments for all to find and see.

Early celebrating!
Xoxo Irishgirlieknits

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Good Things

It is easy to get a bit down in the dumps when there are setbacks or when you are hoping things will be better soon and soon can't quite get here fast enough. This week started out that way. I had hoped I'd be walking without crutches after my doctor's appointment on Monday and the reality was no way. Probably another few weeks, but it really just depended on my knee. I was bummed. I'll be honest, I cried. Not right there in the doctor's office, but as soon as I got in the car.

Fortunately, God has a way of showing you the bright side or that open window right when you need to see it. Crutches for a few more weeks isn't the end of the world. And if it means I'll be back on track to being healthier then it is worth it. And more time for knitting. I started focusing on the good things. Monday I could not have imagined walking at all anytime soon without a lot of pain and hobbling. Today I was able to hobble a bit without pain. I'm definitely getting better and just need to give my knee more time to heal.

I know when I'm not having the best of weeks it is hard for me to blog. I like this space to be a bit bright and happy and filled with yarny goodness. And really, it is only knee surgery. It could be worse. I know that.

Feeling like I've turned the corner a bit on this bummer of a week, I thought I would share some good things.

1. Downton Abbey. I know I've gushed about it before, but Tuesday the Season 2 DVD that I had preordered months ago showed up in the mail! Considering the season hasn't ended airing here in the US means I have 4-5 hours of new wonderful episodes that I could watch back to back without having to wait until next Sunday. Worth the $17. Seriously worth it. I promised my sister I won't watch it over and over so that when she watches it this weekend with me I won't have everything memorized. Trust me, it was hard not to rewatch it last night or tonight.

2. Sisters. I'm so blessed to have my sister and sister-in-law in my life. I love them both. And my sister's wedding isn't too far away (July), so lots of planning is happening and I'm getting excited for her!

3. Plucky Knitter Yarn arrived at my house on Wednesday. That was a good mail day.

4. Sunny days. It is February and it usually rains. I was a bit worried about rain and crutches, but I've been fortunate to not have to go out on the few times it has rained while I've been on crutches.

5. Doggies. I love my two doggies beyond words. Lots of time in bed resting my leg has meant lots of extra doggie snuggles :) They really do sleep practically all day?!!?

6. Bates and Anna. Oh wait, still gushing about Dowton Abbey.

7. Casting on new projects. My notes, swatches, needles, yarn, everything is ready for casting on a new design for tomorrow.

8. I cooked tonight. Not a big deal, but I tried two new recipes tonight. I love to cook, but I've fallen out of the habit of cooking new recipes. I tried Smitten Kitchen's Buttermilk Chicken (delish!) and mustard roasted potatoes tonight (very delish!). And there are leftovers....even better!!!

9. Birthday week begins. Dad's birthday was today, mine is Saturday, my sister's is next week. Throw Valentine's day in there too. I pretty much heart everything about February. We finish off February with Stitches West. Seriously?!

10. Birthday cake! Red velvet birthday cake.

See, lots of good things to be grateful for. What good things do you guys have to share? You know I'd love to hear.

And one more good thing....Happy Friday!!
xoxo Irishgirlieknits

Monday, February 6, 2012

TNNA Recap

A few weeks ago I went to TNNA, The National NeedleArts Association, Tradeshow in Phoenix, Arizona.  I had such an awesome, inspiring time seeing friends, meeting new people, and let's not forget all the yarn!  Here's a quick rundown of my trip.

First, Sample It!  On Friday evening, yarn store owners are able to purchase at wholesale prices special items from some of the vendors.  I helped Erica at the Kollage Yarns Booth, where they were selling kits featuring their Riveting Yarn and the My Kind of Saturday and Bonnie Jean Scarf patterns.


I was good and didn't succumb to the call of the pretty yarn. BUT, knowing my knee surgery was coming up, I used that as a reason to get the new Namaste Boardwalk Backpack!  And it sure has come in handy while walking around on crutches the past two weeks (side note: looks like it is going to be another 1-2 weeks at least on these crutches, so I'm really! glad I bought the bag).


I bought the eggplant one.  Sherri at The Loopy Ewe has a bunch still in stock!

The rest of the weekend I was in the Deep South Fibers Booth, as they distribute my IGK patterns to retailers!!  I'll admit, I was a bit nervous, with this being my first TNNA where I was really hoping to get my designs out there to shop owners.  But Donna and Linda from Deep South Fibers were so incredibly welcoming!


Here are my designs on display, right between two amazing designers, Tot Toppers and Ysolda.  Deep South represents a wide range of talented designers and the booth looked fantastic.  CocoKnits had all of her new sweaters and also these cute little nests and necklaces.


The necklaces would make such great gifts too. I'm definitely picking up this pattern from Julie's booth at Stitches West.

Here is Grace Akhrem's designs.  Grace is another designer with Deep South and she is a riot!


So sweet, but sassy!  She convinced lots of us to strike a mustache pose.  Check everyone out here.

Coco Knits & Irish Girlie Knits(1)


Anne from Crafty Diversions has such lovely work. She is beyond nice and such a talented designer.  It was so nice to finally catch up a bit with her and soak up all of her design experience!  Thanks Anne!

Ysolda was also in the Deep South booth signing copies of her new book, Whimsical Little Knits 3.  Another winner!

Fickle Knitter
I met Michelle of Fickle Knitter Design at last year's TNNA and it was so nice to see her again.  She continues to inspire me with her amazing shawl designs!!  Check-out her recap of TNNA here.  I'm excited to be teaming up with her for a project with Knitted Wit and Sincere Sheep....more to come soon, but here's the info.

Let's not forget the yarn!!  I fell in love with Zen Yarn Garden's new colors!


And this Dreamy skein of Anzula Yarns has already been swatched and I'm ready to cast on my new design!

One last surprise.  I also did my first interview as a designer!  FiberStory TV did an amazing job interviewing a number of vendors, designers, yarnies, etc., at TNNA.  I'm featured here, in the Part 2 update (watch for me at the 16:00 minute mark).  Crazy nervous fun! 

Happy Knitting!
xoxo Irishgirlieknits