Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Stitches Recovery!

Stitches was AMAZING! I would have posted about it sooner, but, unfortunately, life happens, and gets in the way sometimes.

I've decided to not post all the pictures of my Stitches goodies all at once (for fear it would be used as evidence as to why we have chosen an inappropriate name for our blog...some might say??). Instead, I'll show you some of my favorites a little at a time! First, Pashyknits inspired me to splurge (well, and the discount from Knitting Arts sure did help) and get the Tilli Tomas yarn to make Sahara! So pretty!

Yummy green!! Look at the sparkly beads too! Love it!

100% silk. Enough said.

Next up, Blue Moon. We were there right away Friday morning. I was there again first thing Saturday morning (just in case I missed something, right?). I just love their yarns and their colors. Can't help it. Wish they had more mediumweight Socks That Rock yarn, but it was probably better for my budget. Again, Pashy pulled me away from the STR to show me the gorgeous wrap made out of Bambu! I just had to get it!

The colorway is SPRING FLING! Love it!

Seriously, it was hard to resist buying more of this stuff! Gorgeous!!!

Wait, that's it? No Socks That Rock picture? Huh? Don't worry. Those pictures will be coming. Its just that well, umm....that could definately be used as evidence against me. However, I justify it as birthday money, right??? I did finish my sock and I'm halfway done with the second so that encouraged me to go a little "crazy"! Plus, did you see that scarf that you can make from the STR??? And the log cabin blankets?? The question is, how many skeins of Socks that Rock do you think I bought? hmmmmm........

Now that Stitches is over, I have officially entered into a Recovery Program for a little while. Don't worry, I have my wonderful secret pal and some swaps that will keep me going for a bit. Its just that I need to rediscover my stash. Rowan and I want to go back to Europe sometime in the near future (imagine the Stash Acquisition then!!) and it'll never quite happen if I keep up all this yarn purchasing. So Stitches was my last hurrah for a long while! Don't worry. I've set up a few reinforcers for me (e.g., for every five skeins of STR I use, I can get another; for every four sweaters I make, I can order yarn for another). PASHYKNITS.....STOP LAUGHING!! You need to be supportive Rowan says!! Rowan is my little sister by the way! More to come about her in the future. She wants me to post my Knit from my Stash Rules officially (and she wants them posted on the fridge too!). She's serious! We'll see!

Trust me, after you guess how many skeins of Socks That Rock, you'll see why! Stitches was a blast! Hope everyone is having a good week!! xoxox Irishgirlieknits

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Happy Mardi Gras!

Happy Mardi Gras! I've been to New Orleans six or seven times in my life, but never during Mardi Gras "Season" until this year! Well, although I didn't get to experience the parades, I did get to have some King Cake (yum yum) and see everyone's decorations (or should I say "swag" as they call it). Everyone has little mardi gras decorations throughout their home (nothing obnoxious like Christmas...just a little bit)! Too cute! So here's my swag! Happy Mardi Gras! Send some prayers and thoughts down to New Orleans...things still aren't the same there...but hope they are celebrating today!!
Oh, and another reason to love Socks That Rock...Go check out this scarf! Gorgeous! Two skeins of heavyweight STR! Only downside is knitting a scarf on size 5 needles (UGH!), but if it looks like that...well... like I said... STITCHES here I come!!!
Happy Mardi Gras! xoxoxo Irishgirlieknits

Can't Take My Eyes Of You

You're just to good to be true... Can't take my eyes of you... You'd be like heaven to touch... I want to hold you so much... At long last STITCHES has arrived....... OH...UMMM....can you tell that I saw JERSEY BOYS this weekend (and loved it!)! And that I'm trying to finish up my first Socks That Rock sock!

I started it way back during Soctoberfest and I had to put it on hold for Holiday knitting. But I wanted to pick it back up because I bought some Blue Moon Yarns last year at Stitches, but not any sock yarn (gasp!). They have so many other gorgeous yarns! I didn't know how to knit socks yet! And then it seemed like STR was ALL I read about online, so on my two trips up to Oregon I bought some, then I ordered some, and then when Purlescence Yarns opened I bought some. So now I have a little collection. And I want more! They usually have a wider selection at STITCHES and its so hard to really pick the colors online (oh yeah, I can justify any yarn purchase, I know, I know). So I figured I should try to at least finish one pair of socks (well, in this case now, a sock) beforehand just to make sure I love the yarn and not just the vibrant colors.'re just too good to be true...can't take my eyes of you....

Socks That Rock Hwy 30, mediumweight

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Football Saturday!

Can't wait to see the little guy in this! But I think the "little sprout" at the top is the best part! Pattern is from Itty Bitty Hats Book and I used Rowan All Seasons Cotton.
Go Irish! xoxo IrishgirlieKnits

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Valentine's Goodies!

Knittyheads over at the Knitty Coffeeshop are the best! My mailman has been busy this week! In addition to my birthday delivery from my Secret Pal, I got ANOTHER package from her for Valentine's Day. The stamps and stamp pad on the right in the picture above are from her (ummm....there was a Twirl candy bar too, but that is long gone). And Teamau44 just sent me a RAK (Random Acts of Kindness for my non-knitting/blogging friends) earlier in the week- cards for cardmaking (totally go with my stamps!), hand lotion, and yummy bath soap! Thanks so much!!!

I also participated is a super-quick Valentine's Swap and Momma-Monkey sent me theses fabulous goodies from Hawaii! Lucky me!

Let's take a look at that gorgeous TOFUtsies up close! I almost bought a skein of this the other day...but because of STITCHES, I was good and resisted. Perfect!! THanks so much Momma-Monkey!!

Yummy sock yarn....Makes me really want to finish up my STR socks so I can use this! However, I have to work on my baby nephew projects! More to come about that and my dealings with the knitting drill sergeant (for lack of a better word!) tomorrow.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day!! STITCHES is only 8 days away!! Yeah!! Happy almost weekend! xoxox Karabella

Sunday, February 11, 2007

The Cutest Model Ever!

Here's Baby H, modeling a sweater I made for her!! I admit, I might be biased, but isn't she the cutest ever! Her mommy is a very good friend of ours and when she sends me cute pictures like this, I just want to knit little H more cute stuff! The pattern is from Hollywood Knits and is super easy (all garter stitch rectangles...crochet together!!).
And look what I made this weekend! I figured, my birthday weekend, I could knit something for me! Fetching from Knitty! Hey, Puddles, turn around and smile for everyone. This is our fourth try, come on. Please. I loved this pattern. Rowan teased me a bit and wondered what they were for?? I think they are perfect for when I walk the dogs. Especially with the yucky weather we've been having. They were so quick to knit too. I wish I had discovered the pattern earlier, they would have made great Christmas presents. I made an extra cable on mine and added a few rows too. I used Rowan Cashsoft Aran. Love them.
If I scratch your chin, will you smile for the camera Puddles? Thanks.

xoxo Irishgirlieknits :)

Saturday, February 10, 2007

One Baby Project Down! And Some Birthday Pressies!

Here's baby gift number one for my soon-to-be nephew. I still need to put the buttons on (just didn't have any here at the moment!). This sweater seemed like it had more finishing than my Wicked sweater, if you can believe it! But it is super cute, if I should say so myself. My SIL is worried about only having baby blue clothes to choose from, so I thought she'd love these colors! I still have a few more baby knits before the showers in a few weeks (umm....a baby blanket, a hat, another sweater or two...we'll see how much I can whip out!). Auntie Rowan said the sweater didn't need the mittens that the pattern shows (from Knit 2 Together), so Yeah! Done! Here's a close up of the favorite part!
My birthday is tomorrow and my wonderful Secret Pal over at the Knitty Boards sent me a birthday present on Friday! She really is awesome! Look at the gorgeous alpaca silk in burgundy! Enough to make a ruffle scarf like Jupiter Jessica's! She also sent me some Mimosa hand cream (you know I love Champagne!).

And since I needed to buy some really long size 15 needles for my ruffle scarf, I just had to go to Nine Rubies today! They had No Sheep for You and
Lace Style, but I was good and resisted buying both (even though Lace Style is sooooooo on my list! Gorgeous stuff in there!). So I bought No Sheep For You because I saw a sweater I want to make next! Its the Tomato sweater (by Wendy at Knit and Tonic), but I would just make it in a solid color. Oh, and it is knit with my favorite yarn (well, my favorite brand) Blue Sky Alpaca Cotton!!!!! Hmmmm....might have to use some birthday money to get that!! Even though birthday money is trying to be saved for Stitches!!! Just two weeks away!!!!! I also just downloaded the Somewhat Cowl pattern from Knit and Tonic (and I already have the yarn in my stash!!). I knit one sweater for myself and look what happens!!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!! Happy Knitting!! Oh, and Pashyknits is busy knitting away...she just seems to have lost her camera or something..hehehe...!! Love ya!! xoxoxo Irishgirlie aka Karabella

Sunday, February 4, 2007


Wicked is done! Yeah! My first sweater made for me!!!! I love it...sure a few things I would change the next time (e.g., sleeves too big, want sweater a bit longer), but I still love it! I used Artyarns Supermerino (color 113). Even though I thought I had gauge throughout the pattern, I ended up using 2 skeins more than the pattern says too? Luckily, I had bought some extras just in case I decided to make the long-sleeves version or with a pocket. Best part, from start to finish, Wicked took me two and a half weeks to finish (I even knit a quick hat for dad in between)! Loved the knitting in the round! The KAL at Sexy Knitters Club sure did help with tips! Here's one more shot (and my regular photographer, Rowan, was not dad stepped in and did a pretty good job!). I also finished a quick Biggy Print Scarf for a thank you gift. So, next up is Baby Baseball Tee with Mittens, for Lil Nephew-to-be! Baby showers are in March! This pattern is from Knit 2 Together. I'm using Rowan Cashsoft DK in green and brown.

Friday, February 2, 2007

Happy February!

Why, its a Yarn Cupcake! A little taste of yarn (free, too!) from Yarn Paper Scissors, a knitting, scrapbooking, and sewing store in Burlingame. Too cute! I went there tonight after getting my hair done and I loved the store instantly. Yarn and sewing classes and Amy Butler materials and patterns (she is inspiration for me to learn to do more than just sew the linings for my purses). I was good and only bought a Blue Sky Alpacas Pattern and a little something for my secret pal.

Speaking of secret pals, Secret Pal 8 has started over at Knitty and I think I am going to have so much fun the next few months. My upstream SP (she spoils me) thinks we are a perfect match based on my questionnaire (long lost knitting sisters separated at birth...). And from her emails, she just might be! And look at my first little pressie! The Rowan Magazine I have been resisting for so long! Its my very first ever! Love all the patterns in this issue! Thanks SP!

And, its official, I FINISHED MY FIRST EVER SWEATER FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!! Wicked is done! I love it (mistakes and all....sleeves are a bit too big, oh well!). I'll post picks tomorrow. Can't wait to wear it. Now I need to whip out a few baby outfits for my soon-to-be nephew!! Happy February! xoxo Irishgirlieknits aka Karabella