Saturday, February 10, 2007

One Baby Project Down! And Some Birthday Pressies!

Here's baby gift number one for my soon-to-be nephew. I still need to put the buttons on (just didn't have any here at the moment!). This sweater seemed like it had more finishing than my Wicked sweater, if you can believe it! But it is super cute, if I should say so myself. My SIL is worried about only having baby blue clothes to choose from, so I thought she'd love these colors! I still have a few more baby knits before the showers in a few weeks (umm....a baby blanket, a hat, another sweater or two...we'll see how much I can whip out!). Auntie Rowan said the sweater didn't need the mittens that the pattern shows (from Knit 2 Together), so Yeah! Done! Here's a close up of the favorite part!
My birthday is tomorrow and my wonderful Secret Pal over at the Knitty Boards sent me a birthday present on Friday! She really is awesome! Look at the gorgeous alpaca silk in burgundy! Enough to make a ruffle scarf like Jupiter Jessica's! She also sent me some Mimosa hand cream (you know I love Champagne!).

And since I needed to buy some really long size 15 needles for my ruffle scarf, I just had to go to Nine Rubies today! They had No Sheep for You and
Lace Style, but I was good and resisted buying both (even though Lace Style is sooooooo on my list! Gorgeous stuff in there!). So I bought No Sheep For You because I saw a sweater I want to make next! Its the Tomato sweater (by Wendy at Knit and Tonic), but I would just make it in a solid color. Oh, and it is knit with my favorite yarn (well, my favorite brand) Blue Sky Alpaca Cotton!!!!! Hmmmm....might have to use some birthday money to get that!! Even though birthday money is trying to be saved for Stitches!!! Just two weeks away!!!!! I also just downloaded the Somewhat Cowl pattern from Knit and Tonic (and I already have the yarn in my stash!!). I knit one sweater for myself and look what happens!!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!! Happy Knitting!! Oh, and Pashyknits is busy knitting away...she just seems to have lost her camera or something..hehehe...!! Love ya!! xoxoxo Irishgirlie aka Karabella


Zonda said...

Love the sweater! Great job! Nice yarn for the scarf too, so soft! Hehe...the same thing happened to me with one pair and now..oh oh!

Unknown said...

I love that little baby sweater, too. I really love knit two together! Mel sold the shop and is moving back to New Zealand- but she said she is going to do another book- hooray!

I never saw that tomato sweater before- it is really cute. I made a somewhat cowl- it's too big for me but I plan to do another one. It is a nice knit!