Saturday, December 30, 2006

Christmas Gifts Completed!

So I was a bit ambitious of course this year. Didn't finish a pair of socks for a gift. My wonderful sister-in-law so appreciates my knitting that she doesn't mind receiving her Christmas gift in January (don't worry, I give her something non-knitted too!), and lil' Sully will get something at the baby shower, I guess. And, all those Christmas stockings, hahaha. But, I did finish the secret surprise.... Rowan's special hat! She loves it!

And, Dad loves his Log Cabin Socks from Handknit Holidays. Here he is wearing them!

And, finally, I made myself a hat! My own, easy pattern (which I'll even post for you Pashy, if you want!). I used just 1 1/2 skeins of Valley Yarns Shelburne (from WEBS), which is being discontinued for $2.99 a skein everyone!!! Go get some! I'm going to order some to make another one in black. Yummy yarn! Oh, and when I get a chance, I'll post a picture of Snowboarder's other hat that I finished! I made the pattern up too! Its an earflap cable twist hat out of Aurora Bulky. Don't worry, I'll be making another. I really didn't want to give this hat up it came out so cute! Hey, Pashy, post the pics of your hat! Can't wait to see it! Um...and we should probably move on from hats. People will think thats all we knit...but they are cute!

And look, Irishgirlie is making her first appearance on the blog...hehehe..that's me..modeling the hat! Don't worry..more to come in 2007! I love ya! xoxo Irishgirlieknits!

The Best Christmas Present Ever!

My very first sewing machine! How surprised was I! I didn't even ask for it! Because Rowan (my sister) has been convincing me for months that I didn't need anymore hobbies (she really means obsessions...e.g., books, classes, materials), but really it was her plot to just make sure I didn't run out and buy my own sewing machine! And, my best friend's mom had convinced me only the night before Christmas Eve that I really she get one (I did get a target gift certificate for Christmas and really, I have a very good friend who knows how to sew, why, why, hadn't I gotten a sewing machine yet??). Rowan and my dad SPOILED me!! Of course, I'm a bit intimidated but I'm sure Pashy will show me how to use it! And I know my friend Melissa (even though she is a new mommy) will certainly give me some lessons! I can't wait to set up my extra room now to be a true craft room (my motivation to clean that room this week!!). Isn't she pretty Pashy!!
Thanks Rowan! Hope everyone had a Happy Holiday! xoxox Karabella

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Christmas Knitting...and Lack Thereof

Hi PashyKnits! Tell your holiday knitting just rocking along? Because so much! This happens every year! I'm glad my work friends are done (as you can see below!), but my family...not so much. And I refuse to do what I did last year (still knitting for them into February...because then it cuts into knitting for me time ... selfish? I guess...but I've been knitting for everybody since like October!!!!). Oh well. Rowan and I have come to the conclusion that 15 knitted items for my work friends may constitute a so next year...remind me to read this post. So I did finish a hat for Snowboarder. Still need to make him another (since he requested a completely different hat, but I stubbornly wanted to make him this one!). I used the Blue Sky Worsted, it is yummy, but still not quite worth the cost (even at 30% off). But it is Blue Sky.
As of late Friday night, I put the Rowan Tapestry shrug on hold and went with the cable purse above as a gift. It came out bigger than some of the others (I like it!). I'll finish the shrug later, once holiday madness is done.
Friend from work liked her cable bag and purl scarf!! I do love Sheep Shop yarn!! Do you know its at WEBS now!!!

So what are you finishing for holiday knitting Pashy!!! I have a shrug for my sister-in-law, one secret project, one pair of socks, at least one Christmas stocking, and maybe something for lil' sully. And only half a sock done and a bit of the secret project started! Hope yours is going better than mine! Happy Holiday knitting! xoxox Irishgirlieknits

Stash Enhancement

So last Friday after a long week of work I drove to Purlescence Yarns in Sunnyvale to check out their new shipment of Blue Moon Yarns! I resisted going crazy and only bought two skeins of the STR above and Twisted (a so soft worsted weight that I hadn't seen before...I'm thinking cable footies or scarf and hat). I know Stitches is coming in February...that was the only thing that helped me resist buying more!!!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Love those hats!

Pashyknits! Those hats are gorgeous! I'm making the same one as your Malabrigo one and it is going to look soooooo boring compared to your gorgeous green one! Its in cream. Yes, cream. Blah. Originally it was yummy cream, now next to malabrigo it is blah. Oh well. I still should finish it. Love the hats! Love. And the model, she's doing a great job! Secretly, I'm waiting to see how long it is before Karabella appears on the blog (that's right...I can talk about myself in the third person!).

Wow, You Been Doin Some Postin...

Loving the capelet, and of course all that yarn. Do you want to just send me my 1/2, so should I come pick it up???? Perhaps this secret pal business is something I should check into...

Ok, so I don't have any new yarn to show, but here are my completed or mostly completed projects:

Pink Rowan hat done in Cascade Lana Grande - 1/2 the price, and turned out quite cute, I think. Need to add the last pom, and perhaps a pom on top.

Finished my cable earflap hat from Not Your Mama's Knitting - done in Malabrigo Forest (thank you secret PAL!!!!!). It is so soft and cuddly.

Currently working on another earflap hat from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. I'm using Rio de la Plata...we'll see... I will post when it is finished.

I wish I could pump out shrugs and sweaters like you Karabella!!! I'm just lucky to be generating a gift stash of scarves and hats. Ah well...

Also, I think I need to find a new model for the blogged knitwear. I am not loving the current one. Perhaps I will snag Aisabella for subsequent postings.
See ya later! :)

Monday, December 11, 2006

Winter Cheer Secret Pal

Rowan helped me open my winter cheer secret pal package (she began opening the box as soon as I stepped in the door!). After the happy-oh-my-gosh-mini-hobnobs-dance-stopped, I unwrapped all the pretty pressies to find such wonderful, perfectly, thoughtful gifts! My secret pal (who I think I have guessed!) was absolutely wonderful! Can you see the beautiful Colinette Yarns!! And Alpaca!! And the colors!! All the way from the UK! Plus, adorable stitch markers, knit sweater key chain, lavendar sachet, body lotions, and candies galore (yes, Pashyknits...I will share... ummm...something....definately...of course! Rowan already snagged some hobnobs!). Plus, my new pal is up for swapping she said!! I just love her! She has been wonderful! Thank you thank you!!!!

Can you see the perfect colors (are they not my favorite colors!!)! Colinette Cadenza! I've never even seen this yarn. Gorgeous!

Colinette Jitterbug Sock yarn! I think I'm saving this for me!

And Bailey loves the doggie toy too! Puddy didn't even get a chance at it!

Thank you thank you Frost Fairy (aka LittleMy from the Knittyboards)!

Christmas Knitting Update

Here's my finished Anthropologie-inspired capelet! Much better on the sizing. Modified by using size 13 needles and casting on more stitches to start with (should fit the intended recipient). It only required 1 3/4 skeins of the Nashua Creative Chunky Focus (just like Rowan Polar and a bit cheaper...will definately use again).

I still have a long way to go on the Circular Shrug. Usually I use chunky alpaca yarn, but I'm trying to substitute the Tapestry, so that it is not so bulky. So far so good. I really love the colors of this. I need to finish this this week though!!!!

Happy Monday! Two weeks til Christmas!! Love, Karabella

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Christmas Yarn!

Chicago guy came to visit and brought me YARN!!!! Seriously people, this is progress. We have been friends for 11 years (and yes, I haven't been knitting for that long), but he gave me my Christmas present early and it was yarn!! Okay, I did have to research yarn stores in his area (technically Chicago guy lives in Indiana, so he said, there aren't yarn stores in Indiana...oh yes there are!!!). He (and the yarn ladies at the shop I'm sure!) did a great job...all I said was I like Rowan, Debbie Bliss, Manos, anything like that. Plus, I've only knit with one of these yarns (the Chunky Alpaca!). I even had donegal tweed on my Christmas list!! Thank you Chicago guy! Hey, maybe I can visit him next year for Stitches Midwest (he would be soooo overwhelmed!). Oh, and dad and Chicago guy helped coordinate the above yarn photo shoot..not me (I was just going to take the pic on the table).

And Puddles wanted to get in on the photo shoot. This is the calmest you will ever see Puddy :)

Happy Holiday Knitting photos will be posted soon!

Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Switching it up to Big Wool

Yeah, so, the time for holiday gifts grows nigh, and my knitting is not going quick enough. So, I have switched to Big Wool, and now have 2 more hats in my stash. Both knit in one night. I love big wool.

Before we get started, here I am with Aisabella last year. I add this because of the freak-ugly pictures below.

So here is Patty from The Bigger Picture, made with Biggy Print and my awesome size 36 daisy needles. I've never knit with 36s before - I may do so exclusively now. AND they are pink/green!!! Dude!

And here's Nelly from The Big Easy, knit with Tahki Baby in pink/chocolate. I kind of need to give it as a gift, but don't want to. Grrr.

And here she is from another angle. She might need a pom or something. What a beautiful model. Note the lovely Patty on the computer screen.

PS: KB- you went to article pract without me???? Blasphemy! I'm practically out of yarn!

Monday, December 4, 2006

Let the holiday knitting countdown begin!

One anthropologie-inspired capelet down.... one, maybe two more to go! This one was made using 1 1/2 skeins of Rowan Polar..I made a few of these last year (and forgot how quick they were, but also how small my first one was!). So for my second, I cast on more stitches!! The pattern is fairly easy to modify! I'm using the yarn I bought at Article Pract this weekend! Not exactly sure who this will be for depending on the sizing!

I started lots of holiday gifts this weekend in addition to the picture above: a circular shrug in Rowan Tapestry (we'll see how this turns out, I usually make this in chunky alpaca, I'll keep you all posted..); a hat for Snowboarder; and a quick scarf from some stash yarn that is knitting up nicely. Not enough progress to show yet. Happy Monday everybody!!! CarrieKnits

Saturday, December 2, 2006

Winter Cheer Secret Pal Package

A few weeks ago, when I was blogless, I received this in a fabulous package from my winter cheer secret pal from the knitty boards! Of course, the moisturizer is getting lots of use, and the yummy chocolate and biscuits from England are in fact, gone. I can't wait to play the tic-tac-toe with Aisabella and once the holiday knitting is under control start a scarf for me out of this gorgeous Colinette yarn! I LOVE it! Totally my colors!!

And, THERE'S MORE TO COME! I'm supposed to be getting my final package next week! I have the best secret pal ever!!!!! I can't wait to find out who she is!!!!

Thanks again Frost Fairy!


Lots of Stuff!!!

Umm...Pashmina, is that a pink dog on our blog! Thank goodness we don't have very many readers yet! Hehehe. Love the Suss koolaid shrug- its been so many skeins since we made our trip down to Suss that I forgot that I have some koolaid to make that same shrug!

So I have lots of fun stuff to show you all!! First, I forgot to show Pashy when she was down visiting the Bay Area this week my recent order from Blue Moon (and yes, I realize that by posting this picture, I may be providing some people with evidence that would suggest our blog is inaccurately named...but I of course would disagree, hence the name of our blog). My two favorites are Dreidel (because it reminds me of Notre Dame colors or UCLA for you Pashy, but really, GO IRISH!, but since UCLA kicked some USC TROJAN butt today, GO BRUINS!!) and Rare Gems, which is really rare, one of a kind, mistakes made beautiful- the helpful lady on the phone suggested it to me! And I love it!! I'm definately going to have to knit up a bunch of these before February so that I can buy more at Stitches!!!

I can now post pictures of what I knit for a friend's baby shower today. I made a pink daisy flower hat and petal bib! She loved it!

And I gave that and a few other baby things in the cutest baby bag ever! My friend Christy sews them! I love them because you can use them for anything! You can see (and buy!) them here!

And since the baby shower was in Oakland, I had to quickly stop by Article Pract beforehand! Just a few little ( do I spell that word Pashy....chach-key???....donations???..souvenirs) things! The new Knitscene for spring (its 50 degrees out, but okay), pom-pom thingys I have wanted in both big and little sizes, and Nashua yarn in Burgundy (seems very similar to Polar, but only $8.95!). Yeah! Oh, and some stocking stuffers, not shown!

I'm off to try finishing my anthropologie-inspired capelet that is almost done!!!!
Love, Karabella aka CarrieKnits

I will be in big trouble if I don't similarly post the Griffinknitter...

I don't have anything current on my computer at the moment, but this pic from 2005 is good because he looks like he might kick someone's ass. And there is Aisabella the flower ballerina in the background...

...and this is just one of my kids' favorite pics. I'm sure the knitting world wants to enjoy it as much as the young'uns do. This is *not* our dog...let's be totally clear about that.

Pashy's WIP

So here are my current works in progress - the 3 Dog Ruffle Scarf, with only 2 ruffles done, and not blocked. This is the snake layout (which is what you get when Greg takes pictures independently).

Here is the flat layout. It does actually look better in person. Really.

Here is what I started tonight - the Suss ballerina shrug with coolaid. Just about 1 skein done out of 6.

Friday, December 1, 2006

Recent Finished Objects

Yeah!! I figured out the picture thing!! And...obviously PashyKnits did too....way quicker than me!! Aisabella is the cutest isn't she!!!!!

Here's a pink dress I made for a friend's daughter. I can't wait to see it on her!

Here's my cable purse!! I just love these purses!!! Quick knits! This one is made from 1 1/2 skeins of Rowan Little Big Wool.

Here's my sushi wallet! I love this pattern and hope to make another for a Christmas present! I bought the kit at Jimmy Beans Wool, one of my favorite knitting stores!

And, finally, I have to say a wonderful thank you to Cherie for being my recent inspiration for starting this blog. She convinced me that I could do it and it really wasn't that hard. Check out her blog! She's sure to keep us laughing!

Have a great weekend! xoxo Carrie Knits

Here's Aisabella!!!

Here she is, Karabella's namesake and biggest fan. She wants Karabella to know that she got her ears "peered" last night with diamond-y flower studs. She didn't cry and is a super big girl!

Love, Pashy

Happy December

Happy Christmas
Originally uploaded by Carrie Knits.
Happy December from Bailey and Puddles!! Oh I wish this was taken in front of our already decorated Christmas tree, but this is last year's Christmas picture. We haven't gotten our tree yet. I'm just seeing if I can figure out how to post my first picture to our blog and introduce you to the two cutest puppies on the planet at the same time!

xoxox Carrie Knits

And so it begins...or continues really!!!!!

Hi Pashyknits!!! And Rowan!!! And Aisabella!!! And Griffinknitter!!! And...ummm...he hasn't picked a name yet.....but I know he will be our blog consultant-patient-waiter-at-the-yarn-stores-guy!! And all my knitty friends and family!!! We're finally starting a knitting blog!!! Yeah!!!

Pashyknit and I (Karabella Aurora .... Carrieknits .... IrishgirlieKnits .... you pick your favorite ...) are starting another joint adventure to mark the one-year anniversary of our other successful venture (that's just a coincidence..but hey, yeah!!! go buddies!!! one year in business!!).

We Do Not Have a Knitting Problem will be home to lots of fun!!! lots of Yarn!!! Stash pictures!!! An easy way for Pashyknits (I so want to keep calling you Pashmina, but you want to be Pashyknits on our it shall be) and I to share our WIPs and FOs!!! And keep track of yarn that we want to buy and links to yarn we want to buy and more fun stuff!!!!! Thanks for reading and hope you all enjoy!!!

xoxox CarrieKnits