Monday, December 11, 2006

Winter Cheer Secret Pal

Rowan helped me open my winter cheer secret pal package (she began opening the box as soon as I stepped in the door!). After the happy-oh-my-gosh-mini-hobnobs-dance-stopped, I unwrapped all the pretty pressies to find such wonderful, perfectly, thoughtful gifts! My secret pal (who I think I have guessed!) was absolutely wonderful! Can you see the beautiful Colinette Yarns!! And Alpaca!! And the colors!! All the way from the UK! Plus, adorable stitch markers, knit sweater key chain, lavendar sachet, body lotions, and candies galore (yes, Pashyknits...I will share... ummm...something....definately...of course! Rowan already snagged some hobnobs!). Plus, my new pal is up for swapping she said!! I just love her! She has been wonderful! Thank you thank you!!!!

Can you see the perfect colors (are they not my favorite colors!!)! Colinette Cadenza! I've never even seen this yarn. Gorgeous!

Colinette Jitterbug Sock yarn! I think I'm saving this for me!

And Bailey loves the doggie toy too! Puddy didn't even get a chance at it!

Thank you thank you Frost Fairy (aka LittleMy from the Knittyboards)!

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Anonymous said...

Do the mini hobb nobb dance!!!! Loved them!!!! Great gift!