Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Switching it up to Big Wool

Yeah, so, the time for holiday gifts grows nigh, and my knitting is not going quick enough. So, I have switched to Big Wool, and now have 2 more hats in my stash. Both knit in one night. I love big wool.

Before we get started, here I am with Aisabella last year. I add this because of the freak-ugly pictures below.

So here is Patty from The Bigger Picture, made with Biggy Print and my awesome size 36 daisy needles. I've never knit with 36s before - I may do so exclusively now. AND they are pink/green!!! Dude!

And here's Nelly from The Big Easy, knit with Tahki Baby in pink/chocolate. I kind of need to give it as a gift, but don't want to. Grrr.

And here she is from another angle. She might need a pom or something. What a beautiful model. Note the lovely Patty on the computer screen.

PS: KB- you went to article pract without me???? Blasphemy! I'm practically out of yarn!

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