Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Wow, You Been Doin Some Postin...

Loving the capelet, and of course all that yarn. Do you want to just send me my 1/2, so should I come pick it up???? Perhaps this secret pal business is something I should check into...

Ok, so I don't have any new yarn to show, but here are my completed or mostly completed projects:

Pink Rowan hat done in Cascade Lana Grande - 1/2 the price, and turned out quite cute, I think. Need to add the last pom, and perhaps a pom on top.

Finished my cable earflap hat from Not Your Mama's Knitting - done in Malabrigo Forest (thank you secret PAL!!!!!). It is so soft and cuddly.

Currently working on another earflap hat from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. I'm using Rio de la Plata...we'll see... I will post when it is finished.

I wish I could pump out shrugs and sweaters like you Karabella!!! I'm just lucky to be generating a gift stash of scarves and hats. Ah well...

Also, I think I need to find a new model for the blogged knitwear. I am not loving the current one. Perhaps I will snag Aisabella for subsequent postings.
See ya later! :)

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Anonymous said...

Love the hats!!! Too Cute!!! Makes me want o live in the snow : )