Saturday, December 30, 2006

The Best Christmas Present Ever!

My very first sewing machine! How surprised was I! I didn't even ask for it! Because Rowan (my sister) has been convincing me for months that I didn't need anymore hobbies (she really means obsessions...e.g., books, classes, materials), but really it was her plot to just make sure I didn't run out and buy my own sewing machine! And, my best friend's mom had convinced me only the night before Christmas Eve that I really she get one (I did get a target gift certificate for Christmas and really, I have a very good friend who knows how to sew, why, why, hadn't I gotten a sewing machine yet??). Rowan and my dad SPOILED me!! Of course, I'm a bit intimidated but I'm sure Pashy will show me how to use it! And I know my friend Melissa (even though she is a new mommy) will certainly give me some lessons! I can't wait to set up my extra room now to be a true craft room (my motivation to clean that room this week!!). Isn't she pretty Pashy!!
Thanks Rowan! Hope everyone had a Happy Holiday! xoxox Karabella

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