Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Christmas Knitting...and Lack Thereof

Hi PashyKnits! Tell me...is your holiday knitting just rocking along? Because um...me...not so much! This happens every year! I'm glad my work friends are done (as you can see below!), but my family...not so much. And I refuse to do what I did last year (still knitting for them into February...because then it cuts into knitting for me time ... selfish? I guess...but I've been knitting for everybody since like October!!!!). Oh well. Rowan and I have come to the conclusion that 15 knitted items for my work friends may constitute a ...um...knitting...problem.. so next year...remind me to read this post. So I did finish a hat for Snowboarder. Still need to make him another (since he requested a completely different hat, but I stubbornly wanted to make him this one!). I used the Blue Sky Worsted, it is yummy, but still not quite worth the cost (even at 30% off). But it is Blue Sky.
As of late Friday night, I put the Rowan Tapestry shrug on hold and went with the cable purse above as a gift. It came out bigger than some of the others (I like it!). I'll finish the shrug later, once holiday madness is done.
Friend from work liked her cable bag and purl scarf!! I do love Sheep Shop yarn!! Do you know its at WEBS now!!!

So what are you finishing for holiday knitting Pashy!!! I have a shrug for my sister-in-law, one secret project, one pair of socks, at least one Christmas stocking, and maybe something for lil' sully. And only half a sock done and a bit of the secret project started! Hope yours is going better than mine! Happy Holiday knitting! xoxox Irishgirlieknits

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Anonymous said...

Love that cute model!!!!! And the hat is cute too!