Monday, August 27, 2007

That Sneaky Girl!!

I'll start by saying that I had planned to post this today. Now wait. I know you think it is just one of these cool interchangeable needle cases.

And it certainly opens up and begins to look like one.
However, before I discovered the joys of the interchangeable needles, I invested quite a bit of yarn money into what now seems like every circular needle imaginable. Ta-da! Organized!
I've had "most" of my needles is a big zipper tote in their packaging, and a few randoms around the house. Now, they are all neatly stored in their assigned pockets :) I LOVE IT!!!

And of course, it still matches my fabulous tote!! Thank you Zknitter! I've had the case for awhile but the organization of my circular needles daunted me. I no longer fear them! I hope you have them available in your soon-to-be etsy store!! Here's where you can get the latest info on how to order one.

So you see. That was my post. Of course, then my Rut-Busting Sock Swap Secret Pal package arrived today!! And, my pal has been fabulous for the past month. I had guessed it might be Zonda or someone familiar, but with all my might, she wouldn't give it up (I thought I made a really good effort to trick her/coerce/bribe her with STR...but to no avail). I was almost positive it was her after reading her post yesterday!

She even fudged the return address a bit on the package??!!! What's up with that?? But I still figured it out correctly!! Because look what she made me!!!!

I was so freakin' excited just with this project bag! Seriously, that would have been enough for me! Look how perfectly my new WIP fits in there. If these are in the new shop, Rowan is already eyeing my project bag!!

But the spoilage does not stop there! Zonda spoiled me to bits!!!!!!!!! A Lush bath bomb (she knows its one of my new favorite things!), Socks that Rock!!!! (Socktopus...I love love love that colorway!!), More Sensational Knitted Socks (which I've really been wanting!!!! I think my next pair of socks may be from this), and more!

That gorgeous Twisted yarn is sooooo my colors! Its the exact yarn to make Carolina, one of the great patterns from Socktopia that I have yet to try (but will definately be casting on soon!).

And finally, probably my favorite item besides my project bag is the washcloth that Zonda made for me! Pink and colors exactly (did you see those monkey socks!). And to think Zonda finished this while she wasn't feeling well this past week! Knittyheads are the absolute best!! Thank you thank you thank Z!!!!

All I can say is that she is one sneaky girl! And I can't believe she kept the secret that long!!

Happy Monday indeed!!!

xoxo Irishgirlieknits


Bad Amy said...

What a big bundle of fabulous SP goodness!

Zonda said...

Phew...just glad you are still talking to me after I had to lead you in another direction figuring me so early!!

Zonda said...

Oh, it looks like all your circs fit in there too! Good!

turtlegirl76 said...

Zonda is so awesome, isn't she. That girl gives good gifts. I could learn a thing or two from her.

Bezzie said...

Even cooler is your Carolina socks will be knit from yarn from a Carolina knitter!

Anonymous said...

What great spoilage!!! You are a lucky girl!

Disco said...

Hey, I recognise that fabric! What a great project bag. And needle case. And yarn. And goodies. Oh my, Z knows how to treat a gal. Gorgeous package. :-)

Stilaholic Nartian knits said...

Woot! Nice swag. What a great SP Zonda is.

Love that Sugar&Cream colorway. I don't think I've seen it at my local big box stores.

Calling on Kahlo said...

That is one super sweet spoilingly yummy package. I love the yarn, great choices. I am knitting and in love with the dishclothes (who knew?).

cbknits80 said...

What great stuff!! It's so nice to do a swap with someone who has such great taste!

tiennie said...

What great bags and case!

cpurl17 said...

Getting Zonda as a swap buddy is like winning the lottery!

bufanditas said...

That's some of the best spoiling I've ever seen. Enjoy all your goodies and thanks for letting us look.