Friday, November 28, 2008

My Kind of Black Friday!


The annual Purlescence Pajama Jammie Sale! Arrive between 6-7am and you get 35% off pretty much everything (except BMFA)!! 7-8am 30% off, and it decreases throughout the day. Now that's my kind of sale!


They even smile at you when you arrive at 6:15am!!


Tapmouse got a pretty new bag!! Filled with yarn!! (and look at her cute Serendipity Socks!)


Cupcakefaerie, me, and Tapmouse all a glow with our recent yarn purchases

My partners-in-crime and I had a fabulous morning!! Yarn shopping was followed by yummy breakfast! The only thing missing was Nartian (don't worry, Tapmouse bought her a little something). I was quite proud of purchases were definitely under budget and mostly for gift knitting (okay, a skein of Casbah sock yarn snuck in my bag and one Hurdy Gurdy STR).

How did you all spend your Friday? Hope it was wonderful!

Happy Knitting!

xoxo Irishgirlieknits


Scrabblequeen said...

Nice start to your weekend, indeed!

Unknown said...

Looks like you guys had a blast. I spent the day lazing around the house. It was perfect!

Mari said...

I had purple put in the hair and then helped at the store until 5pm.
And I scored some pretty Blue Heron for a cowl.

Jo said...

That sounds like a nice place to go Black Friday shopping - for the most part Willow and I just stayed home and I did some online shopping.

turtlegirl76 said...

Only ONE STR? You feelin' ok?

Anonymous said...

really sounds like a blast!! i may even put in an order for the heartstone you got! i loves it!
not that i didn't just get a reward for myself, stay tuned for enhancement photos!!

peaknits said...

What a great day! The best black Friday ever, I'd say:)

weezalana said...

How fun! Does Purlescence want to open another store down here?

Zonda said...

Sounds like you behaved yourself ;) not that I feel you had too. What fun though. I bought my sewing machine in a sale like that, in jammies and hair rollers LOL!

My day was good, at the LYS until 3 pm...then knitting all nite..shoulda gone to bed early as I got called out for work at 1 am..oh well more $$ for yarn.

Bezzie said...

Ok, so that's a BF sale I could get behind! And everyone looks so happy! (Maybe Walmart needs to pipe in yarn fumes on BF!)

Unknown said...

You did good! I missed you chickie babies. Maybe next year, hopefully.

Anyway, it looks like tapmouse found the little something I asked her to find for me. ;)

dianne said...

Looks like you ladies had a great morning! I spent BF in a couple of hockey rinks cheering DS3 on. I did get to knit in the car though!

Anonymous said...

That looks like way more fun than the normal BF sale. It's possible I'd even get up for that one:)

Where were your PJs? You guys all look way too put together and cheery for that early.

cupcakefaerie said...

It's a good think Black Friday comes only once a year because getting up that early took it out of me for the rest of the day! I had a great time with you and tapmouse. Same time next year? :)

Courtney said...

I wish I'd gotten a skein of Hurdy Gurdy. I'm still thinking about those colors. I don't know how you exercise such self control when you have all of those skeins of STR at your LYS.

Courtney said...

Oooh I had to work on Black Friday and missed the sale at my LYS, The Naked Sheep!
I am so jealous! Great hat!