Sunday, June 7, 2009

The List of things I was supposed to blog about this week.

Almost an entire week flew by without blogging?! Crazy! I sure was thinking of what to tell you all about. Just a bit too much work and play last week!

1. The pesto.



I modified the recipe from this book. I just used a lot less of the oil and parmesan cheese, and a few walnuts instead of the pine nuts. Delish! We sure did eat well this week.


I had this yummy sandwich a few times! Grilled bell peppers and onions, a bit of goat cheese, fresh basil, and a dab of pesto. Okay, these pictures are making me wish I had gone to the farmer's market again yesterday! Next week....

2. The yarn.


Plucky Knitter MCN, colorway Jezebel

This gorgeous color arrived from The Plucky Knitter for the Plucky Classics club. Just perfect! I've already traded a skein of Wollmeise for another one of these! Sooooo pretty!

3. The destashing!!

Yay! I think the yarn fast helped me realize that I can't knit as fast as I think I can. I did place a wee order from Blue Moon this week! Using destash money of course, but guess how many skeins I ordered? Guess??? two. seriously, two. Saving up for Sock Summit splurging!

4. The Workout for Yarn Smackdown

Speaking of Socks that Rock, Knittinggolfer and I started a Workout for Yarn Smackdown! hehehe I added the smackdown part. But when we were catching up this week, Marcy and I thought this would be a great way to motivate each other (more like me, she's a good friend that way!) to get moving! Basically, for every 30 minutes of working out, you get a point. We're aiming for 4 points a week. Whomever has the most points at the end of the month wins! The other person has to buy the winner a skein of socks that rock. This skein in particular. I really really want it. I would have ordered it if it hadn't been for our Sunkissed Sands Smackdown! So far, I've got 2 points. I'll be honest, one of them was specifically because I didn't want to fall behind!

5. The knitting.


Another pair of Toasty. Not sick of this pattern yet. Or the Aran Cashmere. Best $20 teacher gift I think! A very special teacher will be receiving these this week!

I also did the first repeat on Rogue Roses. Love the pattern.


But again, I've gotten distracted with a design that has been in my head for a bit. I'll show you that when I can.

6. The contest.

Speaking of patterns, go over and enter to win Samro's newest pattern. Its a great giveaway! And I may just have to do that keep an eye out here in the next week or so!


Unknown said...

The pesto/sandwich looks SO GOOD! Good luck with the "smackdown"!

dianne said...

I love your smackdown idea. I'll be rooting for both of you!

At Home Mommy Knits said...

Love the pesto! Making it fresh is really the only way to eat it :)

sgeddes said...

I'm so stealing that idea for the pesto sammy! Looks great. Good look on the contest.

Sam said...

That sandwich looks so good! And very restrained of you to take a photo first. I always scarf mine down and then remember I should have taken a pic.

Thanks for the link!

cupcakefaerie said...

Your sandwich looked so good I almost forgot about the yarn!

You do so knit fast--and designing at the same time. You're are so awesome!

weezalana said...

Mmmmm, that sandwich looks delish! May have to add that to the dinner menu this week!

Scrabblequeen said...

Oh! That Jezebel is to die for pretty! I checked your destash page and was relieved to find nothing I HAD to have. Not good for you, but very good for me, as I already went astray at Simply Socks anniversary sale....

pdxknitterati/MicheleLB said...

I LOVE that Jezebel. What does that say about me? Or you? Evil temptress!

Jodi said...

Yum! Looks delicious.

I'm enamored of the latest Plucky Knitter offering! The Smackdown idea is just great.

Susan Flockhart said...

Ooh, the colours in that last yarn are beautiful!

cpurl17 said...

Oh wow, that sandwich looks delicious!!

Good luck with the smackdown--I need to do that but I'd end up broke.

Bezzie said...

Jezebel looks a lot like Mustang Sally--they must be sisters!

Beverly said...

Yarn is a fabulous motivation for exercise!

Zonda said...

drooling over that pesto sandwich! gotta another skein! Lucky you! Go you guys on the smackdown too!

tapmouse said...

YOU haven't posted in a week and I can't believe I've missed reading all your posts since the 29th! Where did the whole past week PLUS go? Crazy!

That pesto looked soooo yummy! And you and Marcy crack me up! Hope you are keeping up on those points so you can score up some yarny goodness! ;)

Unknown said...

You & Marcy are too funny!
It's only Wed. You can get 2 more points easy!

Batty said...

Yum, pesto! I still have a whole bunch of basil left over from Saturday, maybe I need to make myself some pesto with it too.

Love the yarn, and those socks are looking good too. And yes, you're a fast knitter. I'm still working on my Dad's secret birthday socks, and his birthday was June 1!

hearthead said...

This sure has been a busy week! I am digging the work out/point deal. Go for it!