Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sunday, Already?

Seriously.  How does the weekend just fly by so quickly? 

I am almost, almost recovered from Sock Summit and A Verb for Keeping Warm fun, but I still feel like I'm trying to play a bit of catch-up from the month or two of non-stop knitting that was happening before Sock Summit.  For example, my room is a complete disaster and when I tried to clean it a bit today (well, really I was looking for some needles, so figured I'd put some stuff away in an attempt to find them), I was a bit overwhelmed by how messy the knitting area had become.  Needles everywhere. Yarn everywhere.  Swatches everywhere.  Oh boy.

Gradually I'm trying to find room for all those Sock Summit goodies.  Here's a few I haven't shown you.


The Signature Needles!  I actually got two pairs because one was part of the teacher swag bag!  We received a coupon to pick out any set of needles we wanted! Thank you Signature Needles.  I love the few pairs of Signatures that I have, but they are with the older cable.  I'll be interested to see how I like the new cable.

I also bought a skein of Hazel Knits Entice, a new to me yarn purchase.  I love Hazel Knits, but haven't tried this yarn yet!  I was proud that I was able to resist all of her other lovely colors.  I also just had to have Miss Babs new colorway Jane Austen.  Isn't it lovely in those pinks and soft!!   That gorgeous blue, colorway Shark Island, is a mini-skein of Creating from A Verb for Keeping Warm.  I actually purchased a few more pretty yarns from Verb last weekend.  I can't wait to knit them up!  And lastly, that gorgeous brown is Anzula Yarns Cricket. 


I wish I could describe just how soft and squishy this gorgeous yarn is!  I first discovered Anzula's yarns when Snowboarder brought me two skeins of Squishy back from Purl Soho last year.  And I finally cast on with one of those skeins for another Summer Wind.  Here, a progress picture for you:


I knit quite a bit on this last weekend, especially Saturday evening, hanging out with Stephen, Debbi, and Anne.  Such a lovely evening with friends :)  Of course, I haven't touched it all week.

But there has been some knitting.  I'm on a bit of a hat/Plucky/Primo/no deadline knittting kick lately!  More details to come on these soon, but I think I'm finally almost ready to have Uncle Frank's Hat and Dear Baby Francis' hat and baby socks set test knit soon!  Just took a year or so??!?!!  Then I need to find a cute baby for the photo shoot?!


I'll warn you now....there will be lots of Plucky on my needles for the next month or two!

Oh, and exciting news to share with you guys!  My pattern line is now going to be distributed for wholesale through Deep South Fibers! Check out their new products!  Hopefully this will make it a bit easier for you to find my patterns in your local yarn store!!

I am so excited to be included with the many other amazing designers that they represent!  Be sure to let your favorite LYS know you'd like to see IGK patterns there :)

So, how was your weekend?  Can you believe summer is almost over?  What do you have planned for these last few weeks?  Or are you ready for fall? 

Although I don't want summer to be over....just 19 days left until Notre Dame's championship season begins!!  Hey, a girl can dream :)

Happy Knitting!
xoxo Irishgirlieknits


Discoknits said...

Uncle Franks are looking great - love the two colours :0)

Debbi said...

So proud of you! Now go clean your room. Honey badgers don't like messes...

Renee Anne said...

If you need a baby for modeling, you can borrow mine....but that would require a trip somewhere that isn't Wisconsin.

I'm also jealous of your sock summit haul......I've been dreaming of Signature Needles for quite awhile.

Zonda said...

I love the 2 color Uncle Franks. :) Great haul from SS! I'm game to test knit the Uncle Frank hat and Baby Francis things if you need another! No job here yet (but a new house soon ;) I've only knit a bit with the new cords so no comments yet. Hope you have some down time soon :)

dianne said...

Summer is essentially over for us :-( Chandler has transfer student orientation on Thursday then classes start for real next week on Tuesday! I'm looking forward to the Baby Francis socks and such. My niece and my sister are both expecting babies in January and February and every baby deserves something special knit for them!

peaknits said...

Holy good loot batman! What a great haul. Thanks for showing some things I hadn't seen before - more stuff to stalk! Your projects look fabulous too - you are knitting machine:)