Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Got Crepes?

When a cute lil' 8-year-old proudly says she'd like to cook tonight from the cookbook she checked out of her school library, how can you say no?  The requirement was that as long as we had the ingredients at home, we could do it.

So crepes it was.  Someone fell in love with crepes at her summer camp this year!


She was so proud!  She read all the directions and did each step herself (well, I helped a bit with the egg cracking).


Quite a yummy dessert!  We were pretty creative with the fillings too.  Pa loved the peanut butter and jelly one.  Snowboarder went with peanut butter and bananas, and lil' snowboarder chose ice cream and sprinkle-filled. Yeap. On a school night.  Have to reinforce the little cook, right?

In other news, I just have to say how much I'm enjoying reading all of your comments on the contest post (not too late to enter!).  Looks like everyone has some great things to look forward to! is almost Friday and a 3-day weekend!!! And my sister says thank you so much for the engagement wishes!!  She has been quite funny the past week or two....she goes back and forth between glowy happy and overwhelmed I can't think about planning a wedding!  So any wedding planning on a budget blogs that you guys love...please let us know!

Happy happy!!
xoxo Irishgirlieknits


Elizabeth D said...

That is one irresistible cook!

Feisty said...

Knitted Bliss has a primer on her $5K budget wedding!!

; )

Watercolor said...

Love it!!

piddleloop said...

i may have favorited that photo in flickr it is ADORABLE!
i thin PB& bananas sounds delish!

Jodi said...

How fun is that? BTW, crepes at summer camp -- very fancy!

Anonymous said...

A Practical Wedding ( has a great community of non-WeddingIndustrialComplex readers and writers with really helpful suggestions. DD & I used it A LOT to get through this summer's Wedding of the Year!!!

Mrs Dibble said...

My kids have that cookbook....but my kitchen ends up looking like a blast zone when they have finished.....yours is very neat and tidy

SpinningLara said...

Im impressed! Crepes are hard to do. She is adorable :)

Val said...

My hubby and I look after a hall where many weddings are held. In my opinion wedding favours are a waste of time and money. Most are left behind and make their way into a landfill.

The best I have seen is vases with green apples which were donated to the food bank, and a sign above the guest book saying that a donation was made to the Make a Wish foundation in lieu of favours. The bride had received a wish from the foundation and wanted to give back.

Congrats again..remember that people remember how happy you are, not what you did, decorated with or ate.