Friday, June 29, 2012

Knitspot FIFC Blog Tour

I'm so excited to be the first stop of Anne Hanson's Knitspot Fall in Full Color Blog Tour! I was a member last year and signed up again this year, but before I gush over how much I love the club, I want to share a bit of background.

I've been fortunate to take a number of classes from Anne thanks to Sock Camp and over the past year or two she has been so helpful in answering my questions about designing, teaching, and how the industry works.  But I still remember the first class I took from her about sock design at camp.  I had even already designed a few patterns at that point.  But when she pulled out all of her swatches, I knew I was in way over my head.  I might have said something to the effect that I rarely swatched (but I did, just not quite like that).  Her look of slight shock (ok, horror probably!) had me worried she would forever remember me as that sock designer who never swatched.  Or one of the crazy sock campers who talked about Twilight all the time.  Both bad...haha!



But now, when I do swatch, I smile and think, "Anne would be so proud."  See, I swatched for Kate's wedding shawl.  And ideally, I would have liked to swatch more for that but I was on a time crunch.

Swatch 1: Liked the gauge, not a fan of the transition and the edging

Swatch 2: Didn't like the fabric at this gauge, but figured out the transition and edging. Almost win!

Which brings me to one of the major reasons why I signed up for Fall in Full Color again this year, especially when I've scaled back on most clubs.  That reason is Anne's designs in the club aren't just patterns.  They are like chapters of a book, with each chapter being about her design process, yarn selection, tips and tricks for the pattern, information about the dyers (which are all pretty awesome!), and all paired with her lovely photography.  As a designer, I'm learning so much from the insight Anne shares.  Erica described it so perfectly when she wrote, "Page after page, I felt like I was sitting outside Anne's studio peering into the window watching a master work."

Some of my favorite designs from last year's club ....

Hazeline in Shalimar Yarns Breathless

 Longshadows in Spirit Trail Fiberworks Nona

Squall in New Hue Handspuns Lace BamHuey

All just lovely, right?  And those are only 3 of the 8 designs.  Such gorgeous yarns too!  Yes,  Anne selects these unique fibers from a number of independent dyers and there is even an option to sign up for extra skeins.  Oh, if only my stash didn't overflow, I'd sign up for the whole club, and not just the ebook version.  Tricia signed up for the entire club last year, and everyone drooled each month when she brought the yarn to knit nite.  The colors, fibers, were exquisite and of course, paired with a perfect design by Anne.

 Mink and cashmere? Yes please.  (a selection from last year's club)

Membership in the Fall in Full Color Club includes a gorgeous luxury yarn selection for each month, a beautiful pattern eBook which is delivered in monthly chapters, as well as the opportunity to meet, chat, and work on projects with other members through the very active ravelry clubhouse.  Projects are accessories of all types that are appropriate for gifting or keeping to treat yourself.  

Sign-ups are still open, but I wouldn't wait too long.  Both of Anne's previous clubs (Fall in Full Color 2011 and Barenaked Knitspot) sold out, although the ebook versions for both are still available.  My goal for this year is to actually knit one of the patterns now!  

Oh, one more thing. Knitspot has applied for a grant from mission: small business and she needs your help!  I think she just qualified for the first round literally minutes ago, but keep an eye out for the next round of voting!

Thank you Anne for letting me gush a bit about your Fall in Full Color Club! I'm thrilled to be in it again :)

Happy Friday!
xoxo Irishgirlieknits

p.s. Kate's wedding shawl is blocked and I heart it so!
p.p.s. I swatched for mine last night and though I doubt I'll finish it, I'm going to try.  I do have a long car ride tomorrow to go with my sister to pick up her wedding dress!!!!
p.p.p.s.  Honey Bunches is still on sale until the end of this weekend!  And I hope to have Lilianna to  you tomorrow or Sunday, or even tonight if I can finish studying for my final and take it tonight!  Pattern is all set, just need a bit of time :)


knitspot anne said...

oh, i'm just blushing away, thank you carrie!
(i hope it doesn't look bad that i'm first; i have NOT been stalking your site, haha, just stopped by now!)

Zonda said...

This club was my one splurge this year! I am looking forward to it and how different it is :)

Yay for having her shawl done!!

erica said...

great post! i remember being in anne's class with you at camp!

Renee Anne said...

Swatching? What is this foreign concept you speak of?

I never swatch. Okay, once in a great while I'll swatch but it's usually if I'm designing something and even then, depending on what it is, I don't swatch.

Perhaps I need to learn the fine art of swatching...

josiekitten said...

I have loved being in Anne's clubs this past year, and am looking forward to another installment of FIFC. She is so generous with her knowledge, the monthly chapters are just a delight to read.