Sunday, July 29, 2012

Let the Games Begin!

An exciting few days so far with the Opening Ceremonies and the first day of the Olympics!


I got in a pre-Olympics swim Friday with my new swim cap and goggles :)  Then headed to my sister's for a little Opening Ceremonies party!


I think Danny Boyle did an awesome job on the ceremonies!  Loved James Bond and the Queen, the children's literature part, David Beckham, the flame, everything!  I can't wait to go back to London....I have to say the city has looked amazing the last few days!


My mom even brought her knitting to the party!  I actually didn't make as much progress between chit-chatting and watching, but when I was home for the flame, this is where I was.


I was mulling over your advice about the color for my shawl, so I started on another quick Dotty hat (I know, I know, must write up the pattern! But I wanted to try a guy version without the yarn over this time).


This is where I was last night after archery, swimming, basketball, beach volleyball, and more!  And then after gymnastics and more swimming, I finished it last night!  Pictures to come soon!  I cast on last night with the gray and blue for the shawl (thanks guys!)!

So are you you enjoying the Olympics so far?  How's your Ravellenic Games knitting going? Favorite moments so far?  It was nice to see Ryan Lochte win gold, but I hope Michael can pull through for the rest of the games!

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Happy Olympics!!
xoxo Irishgirliekntis


Renee Anne said...

I'll admit it: I haven't watched any part of the Olympics. Nothing. No torch, no opening ceremonies, no gymnastics, no basketball, no anything.

I also haven't started my Adipose for the Ravellenic Games. With the move, I've barely found my WIP bag, much less any yarn and needles for new projects...oh well.

dianne said...

I've been enjoying the games so far! Favorite moment so far is the finish of the women's 140km cycling! What an exciting finish!

I've got about half a sock done so far and a few inches on a sleeve. I really need to put the sock down and focus on the sweater while it's cool and drizzly!

Peppermint Mocha Mama said...

I am working my heart out - I've gotten 5 hexagons and the sole done for one boot slipper and I've gotten on hexagon done for the second. I've entered the hexagon themselves in the Ravellenic Games as part of the Modular Medley... then I've got to get cracking on some mini stockings for a garland that I entered in the Holiday Hurdles.

I've never had so much fun working myself to death before in my life... lol.

Unknown said...

Wow, you and your family are really into the Olympics! We don't have cable or watch tv so I haven't kept up. Sounds exciting though and love your hat!

Anonymous said...

Does being 1/3 done my first of two projects count as being on track? Gah! Luckily this weekend is a long weekend in Canada. I will so need to make use of it.

Also, those cupcakes are adorable.

Anonymous said...

These were the best Opening Ceremonies I can remember. I prefer Winter Olympics to Summer, but I do love some of the events. And totally Phelps over Lochte. So not a fan of the grill!

Ravellenic knitting is going great! One of my three projects will be finished if not tonight then tomorrow night, and another will be right on its heels.