Saturday, March 30, 2013

52 Weeks of Happy (10/52)








There has been lots of happy this week! I almost feel like I'm getting everything balanced, exercise, cooking and eating right, family, knitting....  Highlights from this week include:
  • lounging in the sun doggies

  • another Good Eggs delivery, which turned into an amazing frittata made from the eggs, goat cheese with chives, green onions and asparagus that was in my delivery
  • unexpected, lovely spring flowers
  •  a long walk earlier in the week and an awesome swim this afternoon!! Yay!! Back on track!
  • leftover rotisserie chicken from my delivery turned into tonight's yummy dinner of Chicken Pot Pie from my new favorite cookbook, Homemade with Love.  An absolutely perfect review and the recipe can be found here.  I may have just done the full drop biscuit recipe to make a few extras and "extra" cover the pot pie :)  If you aren't reading In Jennie's Kitchen blog, you really are missing out. I made this tonight because I knew that dad would LOVE this and since I've never made it for him, I surprised him with it tonight. Everyone loved it! I can't wait to try more recipes from this cookbook....I'll be sure to tell you guys about them. Oh, and the drop biscuits. SO easy and to die for.
  • Happy Easter!!  We'll be headed up to Folsom to celebrate with Lil' Guy and then we'll do something fun on Monday while he and Lil' Snowboarder are on spring break.  Auntie fun!!!
What happy has been happening in your life?
xoxo Irishgirlieknits

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Renee Anne said...

Unpacking is almost done, the house is slowly coming together...and I still have not found my wedding ring. ::sigh::

Oh, and company visiting from Los Angeles.